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Monday, January 30, 2012

Celebrity Monday - Aishwrya rai Bachchan

To be honest I'm not too sure if this doll ever came out, I'm may be wrong, please corrected me, i think she didn't, i didn't have much time to do a search on this one, but either way i would love to say that if did, great! she;s a beautiful Indian celebrity and very much deserve a Barbie doll ( haven't you heard Barbie have reach every kid in the world and supposed respect their culture?). I have found some pictures of her, maybe...we don't have one,  does someone knows????

 This is a "goggled" Indian Barbie Doll, it's her, so that's why i don't think we have one...yet - Is Mattel here? listening to us?

 She's not pretty, she is gorgeous...


  1. hi from spain, i like the pictures of the Barbie india. The clothes are beautiful. Thanks for your previous post to thank all ypur followers to follow your blog. I thank you that you make this blog and have the opportunity to learn more about our hobby: the world of Barbie. Keep in touch

    1. Hi Marta, nice to come here and see a comment from you...i felt I need to place that post as sometimes I'm down, here is my escape...share hobbies also bring people together, so nice to have you around.
      -Keep in touch :-)

  2. Hi "Aisharya Rai Bachhan" Barbie never came out:)In fact she was replaced by another Indian celebrity(movie star of course) Katrina Kaif :)This Katrina Barbie is readily available all over India!!:)

    1. Hi Pam,
      Wow, i didn't know that.Thanks!!