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Friday, August 28, 2009

Some new items for September

Barbie Homework Travel Mug
Her signature "pink" style appears on almost all Barbie packaging.

Jonathan Adler Barbie Doll
Jonathan Adler's fresh, modern ideas about interior design have established him as a true design visionary. Introducing the Jonathan Adler Loves Barbie Doll, a modern doll embodying the Adler lifestyle brand. Stylish, adorable, and oh-so-chic, Barbie comes with miniature accessories inspired by real pieces, including a side table, lamp, 3 funky-patterned vases, a lacquered tray, and a Barbie silhouette mirror… all in pink, black, and/or white! This beautiful Pink Label Collection Barbie doll

Barbie Jonathan Adler Room Pack
Designed by Jonathan Adler comes this neat room pack. This room pack includes sofa, pillows, and blanket.

Barbie Three Musketeers Co-Stars
Barbie and her co-stars dream of becoming members of the elite Musketeers, and practice their skills with the greatest precision. Barbie doll as Corrinne wears a glittery skirt and sparkling tiara to attend the masquerade ball. To transform into a Musketeer, her beautiful skirt turns into a golden cape, and her tiara becomes a mask to conceal her identity and help save the Prince from a royal coup. Doll includes a glitter sword accessory.

Barbie A Christmas Carol
Barbie doll as Eden Starling is a holiday vision in red velvet set off with a dramatic golden sash. Doll wears a faux pearl locket necklace and comes with a brush to style her long hair.

Barbie Holiday Scene

Just in time for all those fab holiday parties, Barbie comes dressed in a glamorous red satin mini-skirt with a sequined top and glittery candy cane striped sash. Features matching clutch purse, "diamond" pendant necklace, earrings, and bracelet. The doll also comes with a brush to style her long hair.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

That was something!!!!

Well, now I got put this video on my blog...Do you remember that "I'm a Barbie Girl " song? one day I was looking around YouTube and started watch that video and my husband came over and said "Oh! Gosh, please don't put this on your blog!!!". I didn't have plans to... but now after this:

Mattel has uploaded to YouTube a video clip of a dance called the Barbie, which is
danced to a rerecorded version of “Barbie Girl.” The video is also scheduled to
be shown on “Today” on NBC on Thursday morning.
Television commercials
featuring the new version of the song are scheduled to start running in
mid-October. The hoopla is all intended to promote a new variety of Barbie
called Barbie Fashionistas.
The new version of “Barbie Girl” is not the hit
version by Aqua, a Danish dance-pop band. The lyrics are more inspirational,
including lines like “You can be a star, no matter who you are.” (

I had no way I could not, Barbie is really on it!!! I got to say, I love it!!

Barbie Fashion by Hilary Duff.

Have you seen this? Well I'm not a fan of Hilary Duff, but she's OK I guess...

She even is in a Barbie Commercial.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Great find!

Today almost everything in technology is so Small, but with a lot memory capacity. I'm from the 80's, so I can still remember when the VHS was the best and great way to keep your movies on the shelves, now there are so many great ways than you can go ahead on that shelf and put maybe a digital picture frame. Well, that's wonderful, isn't? as a said in the beginning, no physical space and a lot capacity.
But, the bad part about that is you can't find some titles in DVDs, including some Animes, that's way I still have at my house a VHS device, sound's old, I know, but that was the way I could Watch my find in one of the goodwill store I had browsed (yeah... I know we have you tube in this days...), but nothing could take the place of my happiness when I found this 1989 Barbie VHS and said: YES! I do own a VHS!!!! Well, I bought, watched and can add on my collection, my physically collection... :-)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Some Barbie Booklets...

Barbie & Ken & Migde Yellow three face - 1962

Barbie & Ken & Midge - 1962 - White Three Face

Barbie & Ken - 1961 - Two face

Barbie & Ken & Midge Three Face Blue - 1963

1970 Living Barbie and Living Skipper 2 figure

Strawberry Sorbet Barbie Doll. Just in time for Summer

This is one of the Barbies dolls I never had seen before, well I guest they are so many...So I decided to put in here just because the're very cute and with this name and hot weather make me think of Ice cream!!!

She's dated back to 1998. She has a blond hair, skirt, a girl-sized "Strawberry" Necklace, Shoes, Hairbrush, Fruit-shaped Earring, Handing and Stand.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Do you love Lucy?or Barbie?

I Love Lucy is a classic American comedy, starring Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, Vivian Vance and William Frawley. The black-and white series originally ran from October 15, 1951 to April 1, 1960 on CBS (including The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour). Although the original series ended in 1957, the show continued on for three more seasons with 13 one-hour specials, running from 1957 to 1960, known first as The Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Show and later in reruns as The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour."

The show was a inspiration to Mattel. In 1998 she was released; the very first "I love Lucy" Barbie doll. Lucy does a TV Commercial - Celebrity Series - Collector Edition - 17645 - Here is the first collectible Lucy doll created by Mattel to authentically reproduce the famous episode where "Lucy Does a TV Commercial." The doll's lifelike appearance and smiling face will evoke nostalgic memories of Lucy's hysterical performance attempting to sell Vitameatavegamin. Lucy is dressed in an amazingly accurate re-creation of the black and white "houndstooth" ensemble she wore to do her commercial and even holds a "bottle" of the "powerful cure-all" Vitameatavegamin and a spoon for "tasting." She proves laughter really is the best medicine.

1999- I Love Lucy "Job Switching" Barbie Doll - Timeless Treasures - Celebrity Series - 21268 - Collector Edition -Second in a series featuring Lucille Ball as Lucy Ricardo in the popular I Love Lucy Show, this doll is an authentic reproduction of Lucy in the episode, Job Switching -- arguably among the funniest and best-remembered Lucy shows. Who can forget the chaotic hilarity as Lucy and Ethel work on a candy production line? Lucy's authentic uniform from the chocolate factory is a short-sleeved, light gray dress with tailored waist and pink trim collar and cuffs. A matching light pink chef's hat covers Lucy's curly red hair, and a double-strand faux pearl necklace and matching stud earrings adorn her expressive face. The doll features different sculpting from the first Lucy doll -- big blue eyes, rooted eyelashes, painted red fingernails, and, of course, that inimitable Lucy.

2000 - I Love Lucy - Grape Stompin "Italian Movie" Barbie Doll - Timeless Treasures - Celebrity Series - 25527 - Collector Edition -Third in a series featuring Lucille Ball as Lucy Ricardo in the classic "I Love Lucy" show, this authentic reproduction features Lucy in the hilarious episode in which she stomps grapes in an Italian vineyard. Lucy is dressed in a white peasant blouse, purple skirt and vine-patterned hair scarf. In her hand, she holds molded grapes. Accessories include "grape" earrings, a black belt and black shoes.

2001 - I Love Lucy - 50Th Anniversary Barbie and Ken Gift set - Celebrity Series - 28553 - Collector Edition - I Love Lucy premiered on October 15, 1951 and quickly became one of the most popular and beloved shows in the history of TV. The adventures of the irrepressible redhead and her Latin love boat husband, Ricky, charmed America and the world, winning over 200 awards and consistently topping the ratings for six years. In the 50Th episode, Lucy Is Enceinte Lucy discovers, much to her delight and amazement, that she is going to have a baby! Her whole life, she has dreamed of a romantic moment, sitting on her husband's lap, cradling his head in her arms, and softly sharing her news. As always, Lucy's plans go awry. She hatches a plan and goes to Ricky's nightclub, The Tropicana. At the door, she asks the maitre d' to give the bandleader a note, which requests he sing his song "We're Having a Baby, My Baby and Me." Ricky begins by singing "Rock-A-Bye Baby" to the audience, walking amidst the tables, trying to find the expectant parents. Happily, tearfully, Lucy finally shares her news with Ricky ... and the world! This charming gift set capture the essence of that moment for fans everywhere.

2002 - I Love Lucy - Be A Pal Barbie - Timeless Treasures - Celebrity Series - 52737 - Collector Edition - The fifth Lucy doll comes from the memorable I Love Lucy episode Be A Pal. In this particular scene, Lucy re-creates Ricky's childhood home of Cuba, wearing a white Spanish-style dress with ruffles and different colored edging that's lined in red percale. Atop her signature red hair rests a headpiece with "fruit" and feathers. Accents include golden earrings and matching bangle bracelets, and green shoes.

2002 - I Love Lucy - Lucy Gets a Paris Gown Barbie - Celebrity Series - B0313 - Collector Edition - Episode 147, "Lucy Gets a Paris Gown", originally aired on March 19, 1956. The Ricardos and the Mertzes are thrilled to be in Paris. As a special treat for Lucy and Ethel, Ricky snags coveted tickets for a Jacques Marcel fashion show. Of course, after seeing the designer’s clothes, Lucy vows that she will have a Jacques Marcel dress. When pleading fails, Lucy goes on a hunger strike. Ricky breaks down and buys the dress, but then discovers that Ethel is sneaking food to Lucy. As revenge, Ricky and Fred design potato sack dresses, complete with Jacques Marcel labels and a horse’s feedbag hat for Lucy. The French designer sees the women wearing the dresses at a cafĂ© and Ricky confesses. In a hilarious final twist, Jacques Marcel steals the designs — after Lucy and Ethel destroyed their originals!

2003 - I Love Lucy - L.A. at Last Barbie - Celebrity Series - B1078 - Collector Edition - Hooray for Hollywood! At least that’s what Lucy thinks in the episode L.A. at Last. But after a disastrous encounter with William Holden at the famed Brown Derby Restaurant, she’s not so sure. Especially when Ricky invites Holden up to their hotel room to meet his biggest fan, Lucy. Mortified by her previous encounter, Lucy runs to the bedroom and disguises herself with glasses, scarf, and an oversized putty nose, which she manages to catch on fire, and then comically extinguishes in a cup of coffee! Lucy wears an authentic re-creation of the episode’s costume, which includes a black chiffon coatdress with black dots over a tan jumpsuit. Silvery dots adorn her waistband and a large bow at the collar to coordinate with her dangling earrings. She has rooted eyelashes underneath tortoiseshell glasses that rest on an over-sized, protruding nose. Curls of her signature-red hair peek out from the tan kerchief that completes her disguise.

2004 - I Love Lucy - Sales Resistance Barbie - Celebrity Series - B3451 - Timeless and eternally hilarious, “I Love Lucy” remains a benchmark of comedy. In the memorable “Sales Resistance” episode originally broadcast in 1953, Fred, Ethel and Ricky reminisce about a sales experience. Ricky was upset because Lucy had made a frivolous purchase when she saw an ad on TV. Ricky explains how to resist a salesman and insists that she return the item. Later that day when the salesman comes to pick-up the gadget he bamboozles Lucy into buying a “Handy Dandy vacuum cleaner”. Ricky agrees to return the new item himself because Lucy cannot resist a salesman. Lucy and Ethel leave to go to the movies so Lucy can avoid another sales pitch. When the duo returns they discover that the vacuum is gone but Ricky has bought a new “Handy Dandy refrigerator”. And the notorious penny-pincher Fred bought a washing machine! Lucy enjoys a last happy moment with her Handy Dandy vacuum cleaner wearing a navy and white polka dot dress with a white apron.

2005 - Operetta Barbie - I Love Lucy - Celebrity Series - G8057 - I Love Lucy has been charming television viewers since 1951. An all-time favorite episode – The Operetta - has wacky Lucy Ricardo borrowing money from her woman’s club treasury. Then the group needs the money to stage an operetta! To save the $100 royalty fee, Lucy writes her own musical — The Pleasant Peasant — a love story about Lily of the Valley (Ethel) and Prince Lancelot (Ricky) whose love is thwarted by the gypsy queen, Camille (Lucy). Lucy rents costumes and scenery using a postdated check, assuming the money will be available in the club account after the show! The show is interrupted by moving men repossessing sets and costumes and Lucy is carried off stage, singing and slapping her tambourine.

2006 - I Love Lucy Gets in Pictures Barbie - Celebrity Series - J0878 - Episode #116, "Lucy Gets In Pictures", originally aired on February 21, 1955. The Ricardos and the Mertzes are in Hollywood where Ricky, Fred, and Ethel all have parts in movies. Lucy tries to get a part herself, even going to a famous soda fountain to be discovered, but that, too fails. Finally, Ricky asks his director friend to help, and Lucy wins the role of a showgirl who, during a musical number, gets shot and dies on the staircase. Her beautiful costume includes a huge, feathered headdress, which causes her to topple down the stairs. Lucy loses her coveted role, and becomes one of the background showgirls with a smaller headdress, but she still ruins the scene. Frustrated, the director puts Lucy on a stretcher, already "dead" and covered with a sheet, when the scene begins. Wily as she is lovely, Lucy finds a way to make her presence known in the film!

2006 - I Love Lucy The Christmas Show Barbie - Celebrity Series - K4558 - “The Christmas Show” was filmed on November 22, 1956 and originally aired on December 24, 1956. This unique show featured flashbacks to scenes from favorite previous shows interspersed with new footage. It’s Christmas Eve at the Ricardo apartment and Little Ricky, dressed for bed, grills his parents about how Santa works. Finally satisfied that his presents will be delivered, he goes off to bed. The Mertzes soon arrive with a beautiful tree. As the friends trim the tree, they reminisce about their times together. They remember when Lucy told Ricky she was pregnant, singing in a barbershop quartet, and the night Ricky was born. The next morning, the four adults are up early. Meeting up in the living room, they realize that they had all dressed as Santa. Not wanting to disillusion the boy, they run to hide in the kitchen where a fifth Santa joins them. Hesitantly, they pull the white beards off each other to reveal Ethel, Lucy, Fred, Ricky… They pull the last beard, whose wearer replies “ouch!” As the “real” Santa disappears before them, the amazed quartet turn to the audience and say, “Merry Christmas, everybody!”

2007 - AUDITION Barbie Doll - I Love Lucy Collection - Celebrity Series - L8808 - I Love Lucy has captured the hearts of television viewers since its very first episode in 1951. The Audition, which was the hilarious sixth episode of the premier season, was the first time in the series that Lucy Ricardo was shown trying to get into one of bandleader hubby Ricky’s acts — a plotline that became a recurring and perpetually entertaining aspect of I Love Lucy’s history. In this episode, despite Ricky’s numerous attempts at keeping her out of the spotlight, Lucy finds a way to step in for an injured Buffo the Clown. Through a series of jokes, quips and brilliant physical comedy, Lucy steals the hearts of the talent scouts in the audience, who ignore Ricky’s talent and offer Lucy a contract instead!

2008 - Lucy and Ethel at the Chocolate Factory Giftset - I Love Lucy Collection - Celebrity Series - Pink Label - L9585 - Lucille Ball and Vivian Vance star as Lucy Ricardo and Ethel Mertz dolls, captured here in hilarious detail dressed as chocolate factory employees from the famous Job Switching episode. Includes a portion of the original TV soundtrack from the show where their antics land them in trouble, and with serious bellyaches, as the pace picks up on the production line.

2008 - I Love Lucy Series - Lucille Ball Legendary Lady of Comedy Barbie - Pop Culture Celebrity Collection - N2691 - Pink Label - Before she was renowned as a Legendary Lady of Comedy, before she was known simply as Lucy, she was Lucille Ball. A beautiful model and chorus girl, this glamorous starlet lit up the silver screen with her charismatic personality! Lucille Ball Legendary Lady of Comedy Barbie Doll captures the essence of this extraordinary woman.

2008 - I Love Lucy Series - Ricky Ricardo, Desi Arnaz - Pop Culture Celebrity Collection - N7370 - Pink Label - The Barbie Collector I Love Lucy series continues with its 15Th edition, and its first-ever solo Ricky Ricardo doll! Ricky is dressed as Santa Claus from "The Christmas Show", also known as "Jingle Bells" or "The Lost Episode," which originally aired on television on December 24, 1956. This unique show featured flashbacks to scenes from favorite previous shows interspersed with new footage including a hilarious scene where Fred, Ethel, Lucy, and Ricky all dress up as Santa Claus to surprise Little Ricky. Turns out, the surprise is on them, as the real Santa actually shows up!

2009 I Love Lucy Collection - Barbie as Lucille Ball in "The Ballet" - N6566 - The master of madcap, our newest Lucy Ricardo doll takes the stage ready to audition for Ricky's show as a ballerina in charming tutu and signature red hair. A classic from the famous “The Ballet” episode of I Love Lucy. 2009 I Love Lucy Collection - Ken as Fred Mertz in "Santa - A Christmas Story" - N8289 - coming in fall 2009

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Barbie Movies

A list of all of the Barbie Movies, including movies that have been *OFFICALLY announced as future projects. Links to the IMDB pages for each movie has been provided as well.

1. Barbie in the Nutcracker (2001)

2. Barbie as Rapunzel (2002)

3. Barbie of Swan Lake (2003)

4. Barbie as The Princess and the Pauper (2004)

5. Barbie: Fairytopia (2005)

6. Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus (2005)

7. Barbie: Mermaidia (2006)

8. The Barbie Diaries

8. Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princesses (2006)

9. Barbie Fairytopia: Magic of the Rainbow (2007)

10. Barbie as The Island Princess (2007)

11. Barbie Mariposa (2008)

12. Barbie and The Diamond Castle (2008)

13. Barbie in A Christmas Carol (2008)

14. Barbie: Thumbelina (2009)

15. Barbie and the Three Musketeers (2009)

16. Barbie Fairytopia: Magical Twist of Time (Unknown)

17. Barbie as Sleeping Beauty (Unknown)

*Barbie movies that are simply rumored and not confirmed by Mattel will not be listed here

Barbie's Dream House Comes True in Malibu

"On the eve of her 50th birthday, interior decorator Jonathan Adler has decked out a real-life 3,500-square-foot pad overlooking the Pacific Ocean to look like the blond doll's outrageous home.
MALIBU, Calif. -- Barbie's Malibu Dream House is coming true.
On the eve of her 50th birthday, interior decorator Jonathan Adler has decked out a real-life 3,500-square-foot pad overlooking the Pacific Ocean to look like the blond doll's outrageous home.
Adler, who was commissioned by toy maker Mattel Inc. to decorate the house for Monday's party, said outfitting the sleek mansion (a property that's frequently rented for film and photography shoots) took six months of planning and a few weeks to install.
"Barbie was a dream client because she doesn't exist as a person," Adler said. "She exists as fantasy and is the perfect client because she's always happy and fun and loves everything. I thought to myself, 'How would Barbie live?' What I thought was Barbie would have a house that is glamorous, kittenish, chic, colorful and happy -- as well as functional."(

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dc Shopper Barbie - From the National convention - 2009

She was the gift doll given only to the dealers selling in the salesroom by the chairperson of the salesroom. This gorgeous Barbie doll has a Steffie face mold, she's wearing a black and white stripe summer dress, hoop earrings, bracelet, white sunglasses, open toe black shoes and a straw hat with black and white stripped ribbon.
She is carrying 3 shopping bags. This doll was produced by Monica Palko, chairperson of the dealer salesroom. The adult size dress was modeled in the fashion show. Limited to 100.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

2010 National Barbie Doll Collectors Convention

The 2010 National Barbie® Doll Collectors Convention will be held in Cleveland, Ohio, at the Renaissance Hotel from July 21, 2010, through July 24, 2010.
Dorinda Balanecki and Dwane Adle will be your co-chairs for the 2010 convention. Please join us for the Barbie and the Rockers™ Reunion Tour -- it promises to be a rockin' good time for everyone!

Dolls Show Around...

Barbara Peterson'sShow and Sale
September 20, 2009
10 am to 3 pm

Holiday Inn7000 Beach BlvdBuena Park, California 90620For Info. call: 714.525.8420
Free ParkingAdults $5.00Children $2.00(10 and under)

Fall FolliesDoll Show & Sale
Saturday October 24, 2009
10 am to 3 pm

Trinity United Methodist Church3030 Thorn St.San Diego, California 92104For Info. call: Suzanne McHenry at619-444-3529
Free ParkingAdults $3.00

Monday, August 10, 2009

2009 Barbie National Convention

Here's a video and some pictures of the Barbie 2009 National Convention. I'd love to have attended since this year is a historic Anniversary year for Barbie, too bad, but that's OK, maybe next year...

Their company is called Magia 2000 if you ever find yourself in need of a Madonna Barbie.

Do you remember the Fiat 500?

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Audrey Hepburn Breakfast at Tiffany's Barbie doll

In honor of her 80th birthday (Hepburn was born on May 4, 1929), Paramount Home Entertainment's Centennial Collection released two classic Audrey Hepburn movies on January 13, 2009: Funny Face and Breakfast at Tiffany's.
"Audrey Kathleen Ruston, "Audrey Hepburn," was a British actress, humanitarian and Academy Award winner.
Hepburn spent her childhood chiefly in the Netherlands, including German-occupied Arnhem, Netherlands, during the Second World War (1939-1945).
Hepburn studied ballet and drama in Amsterdam and dance in London in 1948. She worked part-time as a fashion model. And somewhere during her training of the fine arts, she also learned to be a dental assistant!
She appeared in a handful of European films before starring in the 1951 Broadway play Gigi. Her first starring role was with Gregory Peck in the Italian-set Roman Holiday (1952), and her screen test for Holiday was used in the promotional trailer for the film.
Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961) proved to be a hit, and another film not originally thought to have Audrey cast as the lead."(

It's not the first time a tribute was made. In 1998, Mattel paid tribute to Audrey Hepburn's grace and beauty by releasing a stunning likeness of Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly in a series of dolls and fashions commemorating Hepburn's timeless role in the 1961 Paramount Pictures film Breakfast at Tiffany's.

In her Breakfast at Tiffany's ensemble, the Audrey Hepburn Barbie appears as Holly Golightly in the opening scene of Breakfast at Tiffany's wearing a long, sleeveless black gown with a white stole. Her accessories include black opera gloves, triple-strand faux pearl necklace, rhinestone tiara, coffee cup and black handbag. The face sculpting and upswept brunette hairstyle bear a remarkable likeness to Audrey Hepburn in the role of Holly Golightly.

Another version of the Audrey Hepburn doll wears a sparkling pink cocktail dress with matching pink swing coat, clutch, and tiara. Holly Golightly outfits include the Black Daytime Ensemble clothing set and the Cat Mask outfit.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Just a reminder...

If you were waiting for Barbie new house you can already buy it!!!! The release is this month... This three stories of fabulous include a pink personal elevator, and lights and sounds on every level! Enter through the front door to a warm and glowing light-up chandelier, dining area and fully stocked kitchen. Entertain in the second level living room with roaring fireplace and pop up flat screen TV, plus an ultra-luxurious Barbie signature bathroom. On the third floor is a posh bedroom suite with canopy bed, and balcony with charming light-up tiki lights and outdoor whirlpool tub! Sounds include doorbell, kitchen timer, crackling fireplace, shower humming, and flushing toilet. Hoping to get mine!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Barbie of the month - August 2009

I know we are in the last month of the summer, but because i did not put a July Barbie of the month, as a summer celebration here she is to bright our day just as a summer sun - Barbie Beach Party Summer Doll.