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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hope everyone had a great Christmas - Feliz Ano Novo a todos!!!

Hoping everyone had a great Christmas. I got some Barbie as gifts and I'll be showing on the next posts. Happy 2011. Let's make our new year resolutions list:
1 - ....
2 - ....
3 - Be more active on my Barbie Blog. I promise!!!
4 - Make some Videos post's
5 - New designer? maybe. If I have some extra $$$$
6 - ...
7 - ...
So many things, so little time...

Friday, December 17, 2010

Philipp Plein and Barbie???

Well, if you said Ken and Barbie I would say perfect match!! But I guess I don't have a big knowledge about fashion as I asked myself when i saw these barbies pictures on "Barbie's facebook" profile:

i didn't have a clues who this name was...and of course I Google it (who doesn't????), so i got this website ( as the first result, so he must be really(very, very) famous huh? Maybe i was the only one who never heard about him. Well, looks like he's a designer...I must confess than i did like a lot of things i saw on the website, except than doesn't fit in my I keep my "payless" shoes and my "Macy's" outfits, glamorous in here, well, I leave it for Barbie.

Barbie of the Month / Barbie do mes - 1988 Christmas Barbie

This doll was the first Christmas Barbie ever made, so I choose her as the Barbie of the month to celebrate 22 years!!! She looks just like Christmas: red!! / Essa foi a primeira boneca Barbie celebrando o natal. Eu a escolhi em homenagem aos 22 anos de celebracao, desde de que a boneca foi fabricada pela primeira vez. Ela tem bem o gostinho de natal: vemelhinha.

Also, the 1988 ornament,

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Looking for some Barbie Christmas decorations?

Here some ideas, beautiful ones... I found "surfing" on the internet (everything was found online, just go on Google, place pink Christmas decorations and create your own)

(from : )

2010 Barbie Christmas Ornaments

Hallmark 2010 Barbie Christmas Ornaments.

Friday Night Date Vintage Reproduction Barbie Christmas Ornament.
A fashion Fairytale Barbie Christmas Ornament:

2010 SuperStar Ken Ornament(from Toy Story 3) - Hallmark Gold Crown Exclusive.

A posh pair Barbie Ornament
Movie Mixer - Silkstone Barbie Ornament

Barbie Prima in Pink Ballerina Ornament:

It's all about the shoes! - Barbie Shoe Tree Ornament":

Celebration Barbie 2010 Ornament - African American:

Celebration Barbie 2010 Ornament:

I always get them after Christmas, because they'll be cheaper, maybe same day I'll decorate my tree with Barbie ornaments, I don't have enough right now...

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Barbie - Desenhos para colorir.

Sem saber o que fazer com as criancas no final de semana ou naquele feriadao? E elas nao lhe dao uma "folguinha"?Peque uma caixa de lapis para colorir, imprima os desenhos abaixos e deixe os pequenos soltar a imaginacao!!! Agora se eles forem daqueles de "da ate no em trilho" ai, minha amiga, so dando - Clique no desenho, va em "file" no seu computador e selecione imprimir.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Barbie Tribute 10th Anniversay Silkstone Doll

Celebrating 10 Years of style! Designer Robert Best unveils his tribute to 10 years of the Barbie Fashion Model Collection, a line marked by a timeless aesthetic, true femininity and an educated appreciation for design. With her lavishly embroidered taffeta gown, Tribute Barbie doll recalls the first BFMC doll, Delphine. Formerly known as the 10th Anniversary Silkstone Doll

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Barbie Fashion Model Collection

Russia Daria Doll:Nostrovia, comrades: a toast to the opulent glamour of Moscow. Fit for a czarina, this dress of golden embroidery and brilliant red is never square, but daringly romantic. This fashion front demands regal luxury and classic chic - Gold label.

Russia Mila Doll: From a gilded Imperial past to the chic modern present, fashion never takes a holiday in Russia. A revolution of brilliant reds and whimsical matryoshka dolls makes for scintillating style. Inspired by traditional, folkloric design, this Russkaya Krasavitsa beguiles beneath her babushka - Gold label.

Russia Verushka Doll: When St. Petersburg's white nights end, this fashionable devushka trades the romance of endless twilight for the glory of chic, classic black couture. Perfect for snowy Siberia or magnificent Moscow: Russian style remains ever elegant - Gold label.

Russia Ken Doll: Never say "Nyet" to the romance of Imperial St. Petersburg! Baroque palaces, majestic moonlit nights, balalaika music: just add a dashing man in uniform for a divine Russian reverie! Military chic inspires masculine fashion with a unique, Eastern European twist.
Pictures: Mattel

Monday, October 18, 2010

Barbie I Love Lucy Cuban Pete Lucy and Ricky

Everybody loves Lucy! Its time to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the beloved I Love Lucy, show with the popular episode, Cuban Pete, where Lucy and Ricky perform onstage. Lucy looks fabulous in her sequin green jacket, matching skirt and feathered hat; and Ricky is dashing in his dapper suit and matching hat.
Do you want more of "I love Lucy Barbie/" - Go here

Barbie Potty Training Pups Dolls

Barbie is having a fun-filled day with her new puppies! After she feeds water to each of her 3 puppies, they go potty to reveal a surprise on the newspaper! It changes color to yellow and brown! Each of the puppies goes potty in a different way: the boy dog potties when you lift his leg and the girl dog squats to potty when you press her back. The third puppy just needs a squeeze on the tummy to go potty and reveal a surprise. And when Barbie feeds the puppies, they're ready to go again! Includes 3 puppies, Barbie doll, 2 pieces of color-change newspaper, dog bed, assorted collars and toys for the pups.

Wizard of Oz Dorothy Barbie Doll

"Lions, and tigers, and bears! Oh my!" The Wizard of Oz's Dorothy goes couture as she hits the yellow-brick-road runway in a flirty blue-and-white checkered mini dress with ruby-red stilettos and of course, Toto, who rests in her stylish red patent purse.

Voce conhece os termos relacionados a compra/venda da Boneca Barbie pela internet?

Esse e o meu primeiro post em portugues...algumas vezes eu irei postar em Ingles e outras vezes em portugues - This is my first post in Portuguese, sometimes I will post in Portuguese, sometimes in English and other times in both languages, so that way we can bring everyone together :-)
Quando voce vai na internet para comprar a boneca Barbie, voce deve saber que termos comuns sao usados pelos internautas na descricao das bonecas, para quem vende e para quem compra, portanto, fique ligado e aprenda!

Termos Comuns

Ao longo dos anos os collecionadores da Barbie desenvolveram seu próprio vocabulário para definir a sua paixão.

  • A / O: A boneca Barbie vem completa com tudos os acessorios originais.
  • Reserva de valor: preço de uma boneca Barbie específica, para aquela determinada boneca.
  • Sistema de classificação: Usado para avaliar a condição da boneca: Barbie C-1 a C-10 são bonecas usadas, com C-1 e muito usada, sem acessorios e "descuidada" e C-10 e NRFB ou "novinha em folha".
  • Edicao de collecionador: Sao bonecas fabricadas especialmente para o publico collecionador, e de edicao limitadae geralmente com "label" - gold, silver, black ou collector edition. Por exemplo, 35.000 foram produzidas no mundo todo de uma determinada boneca, quando nao se encontrar mais nas lojas, a producao terminou e so aquela determinada quantidade foi vendida.
  • Bonecas personalizadas Barbie: Bonecas Barbie que foram personalizadas para venda em uma determinada loja.
  • HTF (hard to find): Difícil de encontrar.
  • Edição limitada: Sao bonecas produzidas em quantidades inferiores a 35.000. Elas geralmente têm características especiais que as tornam únicas.
  • MIB( mint in box): Mint em caixa. Condicao de Fábrica da boneca Barbie, ou seja, na caixa original.
  • MIP(mint in package): Como em MIB, a boneca MIP está na condição de fábrica, na caixa original, com todos os acessórios preservados na embalagem original.
  • Mint e completa: A boneca Barbie tem todos os acessórios e está em excelente forma.
  • MNB(mint no box): A boneca Barbie esta em boa condicao, mas nao possui caixa original.
  • Modern Barbie: bonecas Barbie feitas após 1972.
  • NM(near mint): Quase nova.
  • NRFB(never removed from box): nunca retirada da caixa.
  • OSS: Original Swim Suit - Peca de banho original.
  • Timeless tesouros: bonecas Barbie fabricadas a partir de celebridades como Elizabeth Taylor, Lucille Ball, ou Elvis.
  • Vintage Barbie: bonecas Barbie que foram produzidas antes de 1972.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Halloween Barbie costumers

Womans Halloween Spotlight Barbie

60's Barbie Costume

Toddler Cheerleader Barbie Costume

Asian Princess Halloween

Barbie Mariposa Costume

Skating Sensation Barbie Halloween Costume

Barbie of the month: October 2010

Halloween Barbie" doll is bewitching for Halloween 2007 and comes with a special treat for the girl! She casts her charm in an enchantingly detailed shimmering orange dress with lace and tulle overlay, a witches' hat and black boots.


Hello everyone!!!Yes. I have not been so present here, between school and work I have some other projects, which i can never finish...or start, one of them is to try to make the blog bilingual ( I know we have a Google tool to translate it, but it's not the same...), well, first of all I went away in vacation and want to share some pictures with you of my trip and also some useful tips going to Mexico.Great place to visit - when you go to the right places and deal with the right company/service - I say this not only because i have a review about one the service i used, but also to save the next travelers time and aggravation, you are in vacation and shouldn't have to worry about anything, right?
Well, the trip was great. The Resort i stayed called "Sandos" was very much like a small city, where i could find a theater, a disco, restaurants - Chinese, Japanese, Brazilian (which i don't recommend, food was terrible!!!), seafood buffet, a gym, bar, pool, beach, spa... you had everything right there!!!even a jewel store! I book everything on book it. com, nothing to complain, it was the way they show on the website, here some pictures...

I also had the opportunity to visit to famous places around that area, which you have to pay extra for it: Xel-ha, called one of the biggest natural aquarium of the world.

And, Tulum, one of the Maya's ruins:

Well, I could no forget about Barbie, so, I found a beach bag than just made remind Barbie ( as my husband stated :-), look...

One more thing...I have booked two tours with a website called my Cancun tours ( I had the worst experience ever with them, they only pick me up for just one of the tour (I had to pay a cab to get on their "meeting point", but when i sing up on the website, we supposed to be pick up at the hotel) and we were dropped 30 minutes away from the hotel...great huh? but that is not even half of what happened. On the receipt printed of the internet stated, if any issues, please called our local number, well when you get there, any local call cost you $5.00 per call, I had to call them soooo many times...i won't even mentioned my check out bill from the hotel...I was trying to save some money planning myself ahead buying everything online and I ended up spending double, so:
Don't buy the tours online!!! Get them there at your hotel, they cost about the same. and you'll have peace of mind...
Other than that the trip was Great!!!!