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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Barbie in Art...

I found this picture on a really cool website, you definitely must check this out!!! ( ttp:// ) Congratulation for the artist, a lot creativity! :-)

What? Barbie doll or electronic device?

I guess Mattel is just trying to follow the future...when we were kids a simple doll would make us smile, I loved to draw, spent afternoon in the park, ride a bicycle...simple things...with "big money"requirements. Now I guess they not only want the doll, but also the Ipod, the cell phone, the mp3..., that's their dreams "toys". Way to go!!! I guess...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Exquisite Barbie Charm Bracelet

Or this...

Barbie Charm Bracelet

how about this gift...

Valentine's gift!!

Look what I got :-) - 1971 Reproduction (Friend of Francie) Most Mod Party Becky Doll (reproduced in 2008) - GOLD LABEL COLLECTION - Only 8,400 produced world wide!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Barbie on the Toy Story 3 again...

Well, it's not a new Barbie movie, but looks like Barbie and Ken will have a special piece on the third installment of "Toy Story 3" from Pixar. The movie will be released on June 18 of 2010, but if you are curious and is a fan of the "Toy Story"...

Valentine feeling...

Well, the song is beautiful, the movie too, I love the song and it's Barbie :-)So lovely...

Barbie’s latest career

I guess with Barbie "I can be" collection you cab be (almost - we can't denied there are - so many- still some professions , not career??? than was not mentioned yet) anything...

The very new ones are anchor and computer engineer, they'll be released in the fall of 2010 and she'll look like, of course, the "pinkable geek". Well, who's idea? That was chose by a popular vote on the Mattel website and had more than 500,000 votes. So the winners was the anchor as the 125Th, computer engineer, the 126Th for barbie career. I hope the variety of choice will be a great help for the young girls, not a hard to decided situation...well, we'll see...

Friday, February 5, 2010


BARBIE VALENTINE WISHES Doll: Celebrate a special Valentine’s Day with Barbie doll! Includes Barbie doll in her Valentine’s best and an adorable heart barrette for girls, too! Happy Valentine’s Day!

2004 Duchess Emma - Portrait Collection.

The third doll in The Portrait Collection, Barbie doll evokes an artistic air, wearing a slate blue velvet floor length jacket over a full flowing powder blue satin skirt. Light blue and green novelty trim lines the entire length of the jacket front and sleeve cuffs, emulating a floral appearance. The jacket is pulled together at the bust line with a delicate floral accent, and overlays a full powder blue skirt and separate low cut, boned bodice. A long, flowing white chiffon scarf drapes across the doll's back and over her arms, falling almost to the floor. An elegant large portrait hat in slate blue silk shantung sits atop her head, accented by two white pluming feathers with delicate organza ribbon bows in iridescent blue and lilac. Barbie doll's light brown hair is delicately highlighted, and loosely pulled into a partial up-do, cascading in long ringlets down her back. Gold Label

2003 Lady Camille - Portrait collection

The Portrait Collection continues with its second selection, an extraordinary Barbie doll as unforgettable as a great work of art. The Neoclassical art movement inspires Lady Camille Barbie. Balanced, stately, and certainly lovely, Lady Camille reflects the splendor of this celebrated period of art. Lady Camille wears a captivating gown of champagne colored jacquard of embellished with lace-trimmed chiffon and a lavish strands of faux pearls. A sheer white drape adds an air of romance. Golden filigree drop earrings continue the faux pearl motif, which repeats in her double strand faux pearl chocker necklace. Gold Label

2002 Mademoiselle Isabelle - Portrait collection

Draped in a glorious ensemble in rich hues of mauve, ivory, and teal, Mademoiselle Isabelle Barbie is the first in the exceptional Portrait Collection. Her bodice of mauve satin is lavishly embellished with ivory chiffon and edged with lace. The full skirt of teal and black taffeta features a center panel of ivory lace over aqua taffeta. Pulling together her romantic outfit is an ivory chiffon shawl, delicately fringed with ivory lace. A gracious vision, she stands against a backdrop inspired by the fanciful Rococo style of art which originated in 18Th century France. Isn't she beautiful? Gold Label

Monday, February 1, 2010

Guess who? - February 2010

And for this month...That's a very easy one, just take a close look on the ribbon!

Barbie of the month - February 2010

Well, with this freeze weather I can only think about this one to be the Barbie for this month... Keep warm folks :-)

I Dream of Winter Barbie Doll - 2006
Each season has unique signs and symbols. The magic of winter inspires this cool, blonde beauty wearing a long, ice blue charmeuse gown. It has a silvery, glitter printed ice blue chiffon halter with exquisite silvery seed bead detail. She also comes with a snowy, faux-fur stole and silvery earrings. She's a silver label Barbie doll.