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Friday, November 16, 2012

Makeup by Friday - Hope Diamond Barbie Doll

I don't thing I have done a great job on this, I have to say it's very hard to record it, I got to find a easier set up for this. Also when I take the picture and look at the whole thing after it's done, then I see that I could had blend more here and there, place more eyeshadow or make a better liner. I think it's a lot easier to practice on someone's face that on your on.

For this week i picked Hope Diamond Barbie Doll. It's good to find close up pictures of the dolls, I wish this was closer, but that's ok, I'm just practicing, it's not supposed to be perfet.

I should had done a better job - Shame on me!!!

Here are the results:

I used a medium and dark blue, but everything was mixed together and we can't see the very nice shades theye were, something I got to learn.

And, the white has a beautifull shinning that its not showing in the picture, sorry :-(

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Barbie Ken Mini Cooper Car

I'm not really into Barbie's cars, except when i was crazy to have one when I was a kid, one of those from the 80's. I remeber looking at the pictures of the Barbie's house with a car in front of it on the small paper catalogues that came with the doll and dream about it. When you are a kid you want the whole set in the picture, not undestanding that they cost money and are sold separately, so I never had one, it was one of the most expensive items.

Anyways,browsing the internet, I saw a car from the Barbie line that I really liked, it's one of the newer ones. It's the Barbie Ken Mini Cooper Car. For me didn't really look like a item from the Barbie line. Does not have the "pinksh" of it and the details are very nice. The whole set is beautyfull, I can't explain. It's just nice to have somehing diferent like that.

What do you think?

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Vintage Wednesday - 1962 Barbie's dream house

The 1962 dream house was the first Barbie's house offered by Mattel. It's made of cardboard, so it may be hard to find to find in a very good condition - pictures bellow are from a eBay auction, it seems in a very good condition for its age.

The house also included some furniture as show in the picture, all made of cardboard as well

I wasn't crazy about this house as it's made of cardboard. It seems so fragile, it may be impossible to play with, I'm glad nowadays they use had plastic, can you imagine? (I used to love paper dolls, but after while playing with them was a challenge as the head or feet wouldn't stand alone.)

Barbie as a President

Today I was watching the President Barack Obama giving an "interview" after his reelection to the "press" and made me think of how many Barbie dolls as a President there are out there, so I decided to put a quick post together about it.

The first President Doll was released on 1992. She was created in Caucasian and African American.

source: eBay

source: eBay

source: eBay

source: eBay

In 2000 another President Barbie doll was released - more than one version as well



2004 was another President Barbie doll year

source: eBay
source: eBay

source: eBay

4 year later, 2008, she kept the position...She was reelected again!!!

source: eBay

source: eBay

 And 2012, she couldn't let pass nothing more, nothing less than 4 version.

Barbie I Can Be… President B Party Doll (Hispanic)

Barbie I Can Be… President B Party Doll (Caucasian)

Barbie I Can Be… President B Party Doll (African American)

Barbie I Can Be… President B Party Doll (Asian)

Just as I didn't know i got it together, so since 1992, we have 5 different model and at least 12 version. Wow! a lot for Barbie huh?


Monday, November 12, 2012

Celebrity Monday - Army

Since this week started with a celebration and memory of those who served the country of United States, Veteran's Day. I have decided to do a post about the Army Barbie dolls. A way to show appreciation for the country where I live and plan to raise my kids. As this is a Barbie blog we won't discuss politics or anything like it, but say thank you for those who embrace the nation and took their own country in their hearts, protecting and going to fight for a better future is the minimum I can do.

For me, they are celebrities and deserve to be celebrated!

The first army Barbie was released on 1989.

Army Barbie (1989) American Beauties Collection, Limited Edition (Mattel)


source: eBay

source: eBay
1992 Army Barbie Stars n Stripes Rendezvous with Destiny Mattel Military Doll

source: eBay

source: eBay

1993 Barbie and Ken military set - African American version

source: eBay
I also found a Mattel doll as Elvis Presley celebrating his army years.

1999 Elvis Presley the Army years

Hope everyone have a great week!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Makeup by Friday - Teen Talk Barbie 1991

I was looking to have a "classic" Barbie doll face - very "barbiesh/fresh", but I couldn't find anything of what i was really looking for, the closest picture i got was this one of "The teen talk" barbie doll from 1991 (this doll was sold in Brazil and I have her somewhere at my father-in-law 's house)

source: flirck -

 And, the makeup didn't come up the way i was planning. I though it was too "dramatic" for the fresh feeling i was looking for, anyways here are the results.

I didn't like that much, well, practice, practice, practice is the key to learn...

I actually had done something in the past very similar to this one...

Hope everyone have a great weekeend!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Toys R us exclusive - Barbie Malibu Dreamhouse

Last Sunday I got the newspaper with a Toys R us ad on it. Going over it I notice a couple of Barbies dolls and play sets than i haven't see before, because it's a Toys R us exclusive. One of it was this Malibu dreamhouse. Houses, furniture and accessories always gets my attention.

Even the rate on the Toys R us website is about 3.5 average, the house looks fun. Does looks a little small, compared to the other ones. It has a recycle bin, a moving elevator, a telescope and a room, where you can change the scene from day to night. It's nice to feed kids imagination.

 Doesn't it look fun?