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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Barbie Ken Mini Cooper Car

I'm not really into Barbie's cars, except when i was crazy to have one when I was a kid, one of those from the 80's. I remeber looking at the pictures of the Barbie's house with a car in front of it on the small paper catalogues that came with the doll and dream about it. When you are a kid you want the whole set in the picture, not undestanding that they cost money and are sold separately, so I never had one, it was one of the most expensive items.

Anyways,browsing the internet, I saw a car from the Barbie line that I really liked, it's one of the newer ones. It's the Barbie Ken Mini Cooper Car. For me didn't really look like a item from the Barbie line. Does not have the "pinksh" of it and the details are very nice. The whole set is beautyfull, I can't explain. It's just nice to have somehing diferent like that.

What do you think?


  1. I love that car, but it's really expensive by now, I'll have to wait and see if it goes on offer!

  2. Hello from Spain: last week I bought this car Minicooper. In my country is an expensive car, I paid 50 euros (60 dollars). In USA is much cheaper. I agree with you that this car does not seem to Mattel. It is very detailed .. Keep in touch

  3. Wow Liz thanks again for letting us know abt this beautiful car which really looks like a car otherwise the PINK car from Mattel that I see usually on the shelves of my city toy stores make me very annoyed bc of their pinknesssss!!!!
    I must say congratz to our fave dio queen Marta for having the car! :)

    1. Hi Pam: thanks for your words. At Christmas I will have this wonderful car. I will post an entry in December. Keep in touch

  4. I luv this car! Barbie has a Fiat500 white ano pink buy i prefer this cooper.
    I remember the small catalogues when i was a kid i wanna evythig!

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