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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Good to know...

From Doll Genie----- Mattel is poised to release a Katniss Everdeen Barbie Doll from the popular series later this year which will be introduced by Barbie Collector, a division of Mattel which features Barbie dolls dating back to the 1980s. While the release has been met with some skepticism as to whether the brutal elements of the Hunger Games trilogy fits with the Barbie brand, Mattel says the doll will be aimed at the adult collector. The exact release date has yet to be revealed, and its not known if the doll will be available before the first Hunger Games movie premieres on March 23. Rumor has it the release will be in April 2012 and product code is W3320 - details will be posted as we get them.

Stardoll is NOT considered Barbie Collector dolls and are not marketed the same as current BC products. carries then because they think they are cool and a collectible item.

 More Dolls of the World:



Available in may: BFMC Evening Gown Barbie: Gold Label and designed by Robert Best.

Available in June: Rush of Rose Platinum - BFC exclusive: Platinum Label and designed by Robert Best.

Coming this fall, the 2012 BFMC Gala Gown Barbie Doll


- There will be two silkstone Francies in 2012 - an AA and a platinum-haired no bangs with a cat

- The DOTW USA will be Hawaii

- The follow up to Goddess of the Galaxy is Empress of the Aliens - due out in June

- There will be a Mackie doll in 2012

- The next fantasy doll for Linda has a beautiful print and lots of jewelry.

- The next Basics-like concept for 2013 may be more fashion-based.

- There may be a Midge 50th anniversary doll in 2013

- There will be a gothy-Halloween doll in the fall 2012!!!!!!!

I'm sure there are a lot more, these are just a couple...


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Vintage Wednesday - 1979 Barbie Dream House Coloformes

The Barbie Dream House Color forms Play Set was released on 1979 by Mattel, Color forms Toy production. This is 2 Story Dream House that Opens Up for Inside-Outside Play Barbie Doll, Skipper Doll, Ken Doll , also includes Barbie Furniture, Accessories made with Plastic in 3D that Sticks on a laminate surface (the fridge maybe, my mom would go crazy if played in the kitchen, not a option...)

pictures from: 

I used to have a color form set- it was not a Barbie one -  it was really fun, i don't know why the production of those had stopped, maybe wasn't popular...

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

2012 Barbie Fan Club

I mentioned before that Mattel was back order for the Fan Club order for 2012 and I bought on the first day it was released!! Everything is resolved now, I finally got my "fan package" with the "free gift" - you can see in the pictures". Good!


Monday, March 26, 2012

Celebrity Monday - Kimora Lee Simmons

I don't know if i wasn't a girl i would know about Kimora Lee Simon, i Know who she's because I got an e-mail from to sign up to the website, where you can personalize you taste for shoes, jewelry and handbags, I think she own the site or she's one of the designers, that's about it what i know about her, oh! She owns the design brand Baby Phat and there's a reality shown about her on "Style" network. She used to be a model, Now she's a designer. She has a "exotic" beauty, I think her skin color and eyes format are gorgeous.

For example, this is for Spring time "ad"

Mattel released on 2007 a Gold Label Barbie Doll created by Who? Kimora Lee, Well she's the famed fashion and beauty icon, designer, celebrity, author, philanthropist and former runway model, i guess she does has a lot on her case to get that huh?

The Doll wears a pink halter with Kimora's KLS logo buckle belt, mini skirt and over-the-knee boots, a full-length faux chinchilla coat with KLS logo leopard-print lining,signature bag, earrings, and a re-creation of Kimora's own adorable dog, Zoe, by her side. She made sure the coat was real faux.

I really liked the doll, she's adorable!

Have a fabulous day!!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Vintage Wednesday - 1964 Miss Barbie doll

I actually talked about this doll HERE, but didn't really mentioned much about the doll, but the  lawn swing that came with it, so i would like to "touch" the doll.
Miss Barbie doll was the first Barbie doll with bendable legs and the only one with "sleep eyes", I personally think is beautiful. As you can see she had blue eyes and a kind of a bold head - painted hair - that way you could use wigs easily, but not good to leave on as it could leave marks on the doll if left for a long period of time, well if you think, i don't know if this happened with you, girls, but some of my dolls got bad because the hair kind of "melted", i can't explain, maybe it was the type of material used back then, so the doll's skin would have a stain on it.

I may be wrong, but I think Mattel also made outfits for this doll, so you could buy separately. I like it, she's one of the vintages that i would like to have it.

picture from:

 pictures from:

 If you have one, lucky you :-)


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Barbie's House inspired by IKEA

"We make every single piece by hand, paying attention to details, highest quality and safety," Miniio told The Huffington Post by email. "We use wood, stone, metal and some ultra modern non-toxic, food safe, great looking safe materials."
"It is a little bit like IKEA for Barbie -- decent design at affordable prices, just downsized and much less assembly required," Miniio wrote.

I love to go to IKEA just to get ideas and some pieces for my house when i have time. It's a fun place to go if you have time, a little extra money and wants to give an upgrade on a room. I have bought some furniture there before, it's not made to last, of course or they wouldn't stay in business for too long (this reminds me of a bed that my husband had when i met him, it was a twin bed that he got when he was a kid and it still around his family and may stay for one of our grand kids, because it has such a good, great, quality wood that it was made to last forever, great? yes, for the customer, but the store who used to make it, went out of business, sad, but true)
Going back to IKEA, i don't know if Barbie has time to go shopping there because a whole house was placed to her on one sit, every room, that way she doesn't have to think about it, just get the whole set.
Everything is made with non-toxic, safe and great material as stated the designer, great! this natural/Eco conversation has to start somewhere on the toy industry, I don't think a wood Barbie would look nice, unless well caved...ok let's go back to the house idea first.
Look at the pictures and doesn't look like a real IKEA made house? I really liked and you?

Monday, March 19, 2012

Celebrity Monday - Tarina Tarantino

 Did you like these jewelry? Well they were made and designed by Tarina Tarantino, believe, it's handmade!
Not surprised of her talent, she has a background on the fashion industry, going from makeup to a business owner - She has a cosmetic/makeup line sold in Sephora. 
For more about her:

Mattel is on track with the talents out there, most of the times, at least...
For Tarina Tarantino, i can't stop say how cute she is:

yes, both of them, the doll and the designer :-)

She didn't think only about Barbie when she made it those nice jewelry, she also made some for the grown up some

loved this one!!