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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Vintage Wednesday - 1962 After Five Outfit

This "chic" Vintage outfit cut my eyes, as not only the dress, but  the hat and shoes does a big number in the look.

According to is a item easy to find in good condition as the fabric "holds up over time very well", for me it looks like a thick fabric.

picture from

I found this picture on Etsy, the outfit was sold separate, but I though would be nice to place a picture of the whole outfit.

Inside the package was included a navy dress with button in the chest, a white hat and a pair of a black high heels shoes.


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My Collection - So in Style S.I.S - Grace and Courtney

Just posting some pictures of mone ore of the So in Style S.I.S collection, I may have one more, I'll post it later, for now we have Grace and Cortney.


Monday, October 29, 2012

Celebrity Monday - Naomi Watts as Ann Darrow

If you have watched the movie you'll know right away just by this picture who I'm "talking" about today.

Even if you didn't you may be able to.

Well, I won't post anything about the actress because the doll was not about the actress, but her role on the movie king Kong, back in 2005. Naomi Watts played Ann Darrow on the movie King Kong, originally produced in 1933:

In 1933 New York, an overly ambitious movie producer coerces his cast and hired ship crew to travel to mysterious Skull Island, where they encounter Kong, a giant ape who is immediately smitten with leading lady Ann Darrow. -

The 2005 King Kong is the remake of the 1933 movie by director Peter Jackson. The story is of a film director and his crew who go to a mysterious island to shoot their movie. Their they find and capture King Kong who they bring back to the states. -


Some pictures of the actress, so you can see her face better and compare the doll with it.

Isn't she beautiful?

Anyways, the Barbie doll was released on 2002 (3 years before the movie, released in 2005 - maybe this doll was not based on the actress at all, but only the role of Ann Darrow, as this is a old movie).

I have decided to leave it anyways as i think the doll does look like her, except for the "scary" eyes.

I also found on this website: this picture showing two different boxes and set up for this doll. The one in the right was created based on Jessica Lange, the actress who played Ann Darrow on 1976.

The doll in the left is a Collector Edition, designed by Sharon Zuckerman.

Barbie salutes the mystique of a classic film with Starring Barbie® doll in King Kong. Inspired by the movie's final, breathtaking moments, she wears a fabulous ensemble reminiscent of the film's original costume. Her gown, of pink charmeuse and chiffon, brings a perfect theatrical flair. Matching pink shoes, a golden faux diamond brooch, and earrings are her glamorous accessories. -
I did like the doll as it would be a nice add to my collection. I grown up watching this movie, can't count how many times, just gives me nice memories from my childhood.

Hope you enjoyed :-) Have a nice Week!!

Friday, October 26, 2012

MakeUp by Friday - Gustav Klimt Barbie doll

Hello everyone! Hope the end of this week has been nice to all of you!

Well, for those who follow me for while now, knows that one of the things I like to play with, is makeup, I'm not that good at it, but I try. I have posted in the past, here in the blog, a couple I had done.

I really like my blog and also like to share my "finds" with all of you, but I also always thought about a way to bring these two "passions" together. That's a way for me to practice every week (or almost every week - just like celebrity Monday and vintage Wednesday) , but also been connected with Barbie, here, sharing my progress (if have one) with all of you.

So, for Fridays I would do a eye makeup inspired on one Barbie doll and post it here. Of course it won't be equal, specially because there copy rights from Mattel,  but just an idea for me about colors and designer. So, for the first one I have as an inspiration from one of the Museum collection doll - for more on this doll, click HERE

Gustav Klimt Barbie doll

And, the results:

 and, if you want to know how I did it...

I would love to hear from you guys, to know what you guys think, If should I do it every week or not. Please, any feedback back will be very much appreciated. I just don't want to seem annoying, as this blog is about collecting Barbie, not about makeup. So, it will be very nice to "hear"from you.

Hope, you all have a great weekend!

Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Just sharing a video...

This video is about the behind the scene Haunted Beauty Ghost Barbie Doll. Its a interview with the desiner, Bill Greening. for those who haven't watch it yet...


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Collection - So in Style S.I.S - Grace

This Barbie I got on barbie for a really good price, seemed like it was end of stock and they were trying to sell it, I guess because she was really cheap. I got her a while ago, last year maybe? I'm not too sure. All I remember (I'm really bad remembering things...) back then this collection was all over the internet because her facial features were unique compared to the "regular" Barbies and the designer, Stacey McBride, did such a great job that the collection was nothing but success.

Here, one of them, Grace, here she's,

New Barbie Catalog - Holidays 2012

The new Barbie Catalog is out, got mine in the mail some other day and thought I would post the link here to have you get yours - may be for US residents only, got double check, not too sure - if you haven't.

 You can see the catalog here: or order here:

This is the holiday one as stating in the cover, I'm wonder if there's another one coming out or there are two different covers, because I saw this on

Have a great day!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Celebrity Monday - Martina McBride

Some other day my husband was talking about a celebrity and I didn't know who was the person, I can see faces and faces at TV shows, magazines, movies, but I don't know actors, singers or whoever name is, unless of course is a very know person, but other than that...
So, I don't need to say that I didn't know who Martina McBride was, right?

OK, let's see...

Martina McBride (born July 29, 1966) is an American country music singer and songwriter. McBride has been called the "Céline Dion of Country Music" for her big-voiced ballads and soprano range.

Wow! She must be good!!! I just want to say that I'm not a big fan of country music, but I actually enjoyed watch and hear her on YouTube.

I had to put this video as October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Nice video!

For some reason she reminds me of Reba McEntare, who I only know because i used to watch her show and thought she was very funny till one day my husband mentioned she was also a singer, i was surprised, how can someone can be such great actor and singer at the same time? Well, she's famous for her talent, duh!

According to Wikipedia,

Country music artist Martina McBride has received over 15 major music awards including matching Reba McEntire's record for the most wins for the Country Music Association's Female Vocalist of the Year with her fourth win in 2004.

There's a big list on Wikipedia of Awards and nominations.

The Barbie doll was released on 2005 and had a hair similar to the one in the picture above.

"Award-winning country music star Martina McBride is widely acknowledged as one of the premier female vocalist in country music today. This beautiful celebrity doll, carefully sculpted in the likeness of Martina, features a re-creation of the glamorous gown she wore to the 39th Academy of Country Music Awards, where she was named Female Vocalist of the Year for the third consecutive year! The talented artist is a real winner in white deserving of a standing ovation. Includes a collectible poster and keepsake bracelet! "  - from the manufacturer box

I liked this doll a lot. See, I don't mind when Mattel try to create a doll close as possible to the person look when they actually do a good job.

For this one, I think the actual Barbie's face fitted the doll very well and it's nothing but a very cute doll. Loved the short hair!

And, how about you, did you like this doll?

Hope you all have a great week!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

My Collection - The Museum Collection : Gustav Klimt

I'm not into art, don't know anything about it, if someone start a conversation with me, it won't be a conversation as I'll just listen...the little I know I studied at school.

Well, Barbie teach us something huh?

Gustav Klimt (1862 - 1918) was a Austrian painter and had the female body as his principal subject.

Some of his work:

The Barbie doll was designed by Linda Kyaw.

"Gustav Klimt’s glorious-in-gold masterwork Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I is equally arresting in Linda’s hands. “Klimt is one of my favorite artists,” she says, “and for this piece, I picked the stunning Aphrodite face sculpt because it bears a striking resemblance to Adele.” Linda also notes that all dolls are posable for a variety of different looks."  -

I got mine as a gift to myself. The time I got it I had a little extra money and decided to get a Barbie doll. I got her at - She was on sale and the shipping was free.

The designer tried to get as close as possible of the paint, the face is very similar to the artist piece, I really liked the face by the way.

 She's a pink label and was released in 2011

I wouldn't mind the other two to complete the set - She's part of the 2011 The Museum Collection ( Leonardo da Vinci, Vincent Van Gogh, and Gustav Klimt )

Hope you enjoyed learning, if you didn't know him, a pinch about this artist as I did!

See ya!


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Vintage Wednesday - Vintage Masquerade sets

picture from:

As is almost time for Halloween the "vintage Wednesday" for this week are the Barbie, Ken and Skipper masquerade costume sets.

They were introduced between 1963 and 1965.

Barbie's set includes hat, black pantyhose, a black mask, a party invitation and a black open toe heels with yellow pompoms. According to fashion doll guide, the shoes are very hard to find in mint condition - as almost everything else classified as vintage I guess.

picture from:

I found this picture on eBay of a reproduction item of the shoes - Aren't they cute?

Skipper's costume included a black and yellow short dress with a black panties, a hat with a yellow pompom, mask, flats with pompom's like Barbies and an invitation.

picture from eBay
picture from eBay

picture from eBay

And, Ken had a hat, mask, shoes and a clown like outfit and an invitation- I'm not too sure if this set had something else...

picture from eBay

It would be really nice have someone who has this items to share with us some pictures and they are so hard to find.

Have you ever heard about these sets?