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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Collection - So in Style S.I.S - Grace

This Barbie I got on barbie for a really good price, seemed like it was end of stock and they were trying to sell it, I guess because she was really cheap. I got her a while ago, last year maybe? I'm not too sure. All I remember (I'm really bad remembering things...) back then this collection was all over the internet because her facial features were unique compared to the "regular" Barbies and the designer, Stacey McBride, did such a great job that the collection was nothing but success.

Here, one of them, Grace, here she's,


  1. Hello from Spain: I envy you! I love the barbie. I saw on the internet in America and I really like that SIS doll collection. In my country are not for sale ... Keep in touch

  2. Thanks for introducing me to another great doll!!:)She is very beautiful,I love her lips,the best part is her mouth is closed which we don't get to see much these days especially from the Mattel,lol!!

    SIS dolls are not available in my country yet....hope someday they come here too!:):D:)

    1. You know Pam (and Marta),
      Been originally from Brazil, I very much undestand the frustration about not have certain dolls avaliable to be sold at the same country we live. I'm not too sure the reason for that, pricing maybe, not enough market..., but seems like the only way to get some of these dolls are from eBay os websites that ship overseas.
      Sorry for that and thanks for stopping by