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Monday, June 25, 2012

Barbie I Can Be… President B Party Doll

This doll reminds me of the movie "Legally Blond", that the girl is all about pink, but on the top of all she's a very smart and intelligent woman, well, to be a president, nothing less that a bag of the intelligence.

The doll was created in Blond,African America, Asian and Brunet.

New Barbie Catalogue - Summer 2012

The Sumner 2012 Barbie Catalog is available online HERE.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My Collection - 1995 Evening Flame Barbie doll

This Barbie was my own souvenir from Philadelphia Comic Con, Mattel had been there in previous years, but not in 2012 :-(, still a couple dealers had some Barbies to sell:

 As I didn't have a lot of money to spend...I found a one there for $10.00, I looked at her and could feel she saying : Take me home! A 1995 Evening Flame Barbie Doll. So, here she's!


Vintage Wednesday - Barbie Bodies

Today the post is not so much about "Vintage Barbies", but a classification than I still get confused myself, so nothing better that try to get better on this or at least be on track as everyday a little different feature may be born on this pink world...

First of all I was lost, I said to myself where I going to start If don't have any dolls with me? No books about it? Internet...Internet...

I found a really nice website about Barbie's bodies, the author did a really good job on it - The pictures are from the site:

As I couldn't have done a better job, great info and pictures!!!

 Vintage Body

Twist n' Turn body 

The Shani Body

Fully Jointed Body

Basic Belly Button Body

Ever Flex Belly Button Body

Model Muse Body

 Pivotal / Jazz Baby Body

 Fashionistas Body

 There are more on the site, like body comparison, worth to take a look!


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Celebrity Monday - Kate Winslet as Rose - Titanic

I am not too sure how well accepted this picture was abroad, but in Brazil this movie was huge! 

I can remember going to the theater and having to wait in line for a couple of hours just to buy my own ticket to get in!  Well, I was a teenager back then, and it was the "cool thing" at that moment, and I couldn't be out of the trend...  so I had to watch it. 

Looking back at things, if I had to do something like that again, today...  No thank you! 

I can even remember crying when he died... 
OK, so at that emotional part, I'm still the same... 

Everything in this movie was so magical, unique and lovely, it's no wonder that, yes, I will even admit to have watched this movie at least 3 times...  amazing, the power of Hollywood!! 
The story was basically about Rose and Jack.  A love story that ended in tragedy...  maybe that's why Mattel never made a "Jack" (Leonardo DiCaprio) doll, as he did die! 

Anyways, the role of "Rose", whom was played by Kate Winslet made her career as an actress boom.  I never did see her face before Titanic, not that I was always at the theaters, (and I was living abroad), but I'm sure she must have had other successful roles before this one as an actress.  Truth be known that this was probably because this movie was one of those "all over the world celebrity" films, I would imagine...

Kate Elizabeth Winslet CBE (born 5 October 1975) is an English actress. She was the youngest person to accrue six Academy Award nominations, and won the Academy Award for Best Actress for The Reader (2008). She has won awards from the Screen Actors Guild, British Academy of Film and Television Arts, and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association among others, and has been nominated twice for an Emmy Award for television acting, winning once for her role as Mildred Pierce in the 2011 mini-series of the same name. -

I didn't even know she was from England!!!  She somehow reminders me of Adelle, the singer.

So, Mattel finally got the fever, and 10 years later created the Rose Barbie doll 10th Anniversary in 2007:

This doll was based on the movie, not in the actress, explaining the reason that the doll does not look exactly like the actress, I think...  it is a nice doll, but not really as impressive as other Barbie Collector Dolls, considering the luxury and size of the "Titanic", Mattel could have done a better job with this one - unless the funds were limited... 

P.S: A doll of Jack was made, in 2008, by a Company called "Custom Figures Paradise" - This is by far a better molding with more accurate likenesses... 

Hope you have a great week!!


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Barbie Princess and the Popstar Keira

Girls can recreate quintessential moments from the Barbie the Princess and the Popstar movie with this Barbie Princess and the Popstar Keira Doll! Magically transform her from a pop star to a princess by simply using the touch fastener to attach her long, shimmery princess skirt to the front of her trendy pop-star mini. Then rotate her purple pop-star hair to reveal a beautiful, brunette princess style with a crown. Press her necklace and she sings! Keira doll performs two songs from the movie with the selection based on her outfit; a purple microphone is included.


Barbie Happy Holidays Doll 2012

This is the 2012 Holiday "groceries/department stores" doll - I like them as for a "regular doll" they look just adorable for the holiday - Geez, it's only June!  - I don't know what's wrong with my computer, the pictures looks funny...

Barbie Halloween 2012 Doll

This Halloween Barbie Doll comes ready to Trick or Treat in a witch's costume with cute spider-web print. She's even got an adorable classic black witch hat! It's scary cute!


I regret - Rush of Rose Gold™ Barbie® Doll

Yes! I had to confess to my husband that I regret not trying to get these Barbie last Wednesday - The day before yesterday he asked me if I had get the doll as it was on sale and it was a BFC exclusive, I said I didn't get, he more than me, as a collector, said that I shouldn't had done that as it was a great opportunity to have a platinum doll for a reasonable price and unique doll!!1000 made!!!Where in the %*#@$%@!# I had my mind - Trying to save some money...OK...I'm just trying to give myself excuses, i really wanted that doll...Now I only have pictures...Hey! I can print them out!!!

 PS: After confessing I have to say that I'm also over it, it's just a item - Not for my husband...

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Feel the rush of a BFC Platinum Label doll sale!

*The opportunity to purchase Rush of Rose Gold™ Barbie® doll begins 6/13/12 at 9:00am PT for $85.00, for 2012 BFC™ members only, in the online shop. Limit one (1) doll per member while supplies last. No more than 1,000 of these dolls will be available for purchase, and only offered to members of the 2012 BarbieSM Fan Club.

I wonder If I will be able to get one... I would like to, I don't think I have any platinum Barbie :-(