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Friday, April 23, 2010

Barbie Transformation Tutorial

Yes, I had to put this here, she does look like Barbie!!Very very cute :-)and a looot talent!!! - Michellephan (

Coming Fall 2010

Ugly Barbie?

oh my God!! I never thought i could find a Barbie Doll so ugly, nothing against the doll, but who had the idea to make such a ugly outfit?????

??? Barbie Doll

I have done a search on this barbie doll for months now, but i can find her exactly name, she's one of the barbies I got as a kid, but i can't remember from which collection, she's from the 80's.

Barbie Couture Angel Doll

Just sooooooooo beautiful!!!

Barbie Christian Louboutin Safari Doll

Dressed to navigate the urban jungle, the second doll in the series wears a khaki safari dress with a lace-up front, a golden chain hip belt, and pink thigh-high fringe boots with Christian Louboutin signature red soles. Three additional pairs of shoes, miniature shoeboxes, cloth shoe bags, and pink sunglasses are also included.

Barbie Christian Louboutin Anemone Doll

Barbie needs shoes?I don't think so...she has one for every single outfit, but talking about shoes, who better to provide them than famed French designer Christian Louboutin! I love shoes!!!!and the one he designers are just breath (and money) taker. This stylish brunette Barbie has the fashionable young lady in a sleek green and purple dress with three pairs of Louboutin shoes and their shoeboxes.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Any old Barbie Doll out there?

I'm sure, you girl still has or had that Barbie with the beautiful hair, which you loved to comb so much than one day became the i can't deal with anymore hair, not mentioned than the neck came off and there was not fix, other than buy another Barbie. Yes! Did happen to me, my first Barbie got so bad than i ended up give her away :-( She looked old and moldy, I never new i loved her so much... Well, if I can rescue my Barbie anymore, how about rescue yours?
I found this article with some tips about it. ( )

Halloween's costume in April?

Looking around i found this costume, I liked it a lot!!Well, not a bad a Barbie fan i guess I wouldn't look too bad on one of this.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Barbie In A Mermaid Tale MovieBarbie stars as Merliah, a surfing champion

Barbie stars as Merliah, a surfing champion from Malibu. During a surfing contest, strange things happen. As the sprays of water touch her hair, it becomes pink. At the crowds shocked reaction, Merliah dives into the ocean where a dolphin speaks to her and she discovers she can breathe underwater. Her friends Hadley and Fallon blame it on concussion from the huge wave but Merliah thinks otherwise. At home, she questions her grandfather Break and he tells her the truth. Her father had died in an accident but before that, he married a mermaid. The mermaid became pregnant and had a half-human daughter, whom she gave to Break because she felt she would be safe with him. Merliah doesn't believe him at first till she throws her shell neckalace out of anger and the necklace shows a image of her mother. Zuma- a pink dolphin which spoke to her before- tells her that she is the princess of Oceana. (

And, just a peek...

Sunday, April 4, 2010

White Topaz Princess Collection Necklace

Yes! it's beautifully made and very expensive, well to my pocket it's... "18Kt. White Gold Pendant Set with One 39Ct. White Topaz and over 200 Round Brilliant Diamonds. Gallery Holding the Center Stone Features the Barbie Rocks Butterfly Pattern." If you wanna buy it, go for it, I'm kinda jealous...( )

Barbie I Love Lucy Lucy Tells the Truth Doll

Everybody loves Lucy! In the classic episode "Lucy Tells the Truth," the hilarious redhead makes a bet with Ricky and the Mertzes that she can go a whole day without lying. After telling a little white lie, Lucy lands herself in a knife-throwing act on television. This Barbie Pink Label Collector Doll and its packaging bring back that unforgettable scene! Do you love Lucy? -

Barbie of the month - 2009 Kentucky Derby Barbie Doll

Aren't they beautiful? I fell so peaceful just to look at them. I have a lot flowers pictures, I'll put some here when i have a chance, I just love them!!!!!!
That's why I made this Barbie the Barbie of the month because she looks so Spring, i felt in love with every little detail on this Barbie doll, I could even make a dress just like hers for myself and the hat? what a beautiful accessory, i would not miss it!Isn't she lovely?

2010 Holiday Barbie

Easter is still here, but the 2010 Holiday Barbie was already released, I don't know if you can buy in stores, i haven't see anywhere yet, but here she is.

Celebrate the holidays with Barbie in style! Wearing a gorgeous red and white gown with golden detailing on the bodice, Barbie looks both festive and glamorous! Glittery golden and “ruby” earrings and head band complete the lush look.

Happy Easter!!! 2010 Easter Barbie Doll

Do you know the real origin of this holiday?It's great and fun paint eggs, buy tons of chocolate, have the family over and prepare the easter baskets for the kids, but also it's a time to stop a little and think about what you have done for your life in a spiritual way, because
Easter is the sacred celebration of Christ's resurrection from the dead. It is the oldest and holiest Christian festival, the climax and center of the liturgical year, and the holy day to which all other holy days point. Even denominations that do not strictly follow a liturgical calendar commemorate Easter with tremendous joy and thanksgiving.(
So, if you think you need to start over, today is a great beginning...Happy Easter!!!

2010 Easter Barbie Doll

Celebrate Easter with Barbie! This sweet Barbie Doll comes in her yellow Easter best with a fun, Easter-themed sticker sheet. She's one cute chick that would make a terrific addition to that special someone's basket! I actually got mine on Stop and Shop, but you can also find in Target and if you are lucky at Walmart.

Trying to get there...

Oh my God!!This past month flayed!!!I didn't have chance to do everything I had in mind...I'm trying to go back to school, go to work 5 days a week, 40 hs a week, then the website, the blog, be a wife, a housekeeper...and of course keep up with the wonderful Barbie word, i do apologize for been a little behind, but thanks God a had a little time to came here, keep one of my passion -
Let's get going :-) Hope you all have a great Easter!!!