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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!!! 2010 Easter Barbie Doll

Do you know the real origin of this holiday?It's great and fun paint eggs, buy tons of chocolate, have the family over and prepare the easter baskets for the kids, but also it's a time to stop a little and think about what you have done for your life in a spiritual way, because
Easter is the sacred celebration of Christ's resurrection from the dead. It is the oldest and holiest Christian festival, the climax and center of the liturgical year, and the holy day to which all other holy days point. Even denominations that do not strictly follow a liturgical calendar commemorate Easter with tremendous joy and thanksgiving.(
So, if you think you need to start over, today is a great beginning...Happy Easter!!!

2010 Easter Barbie Doll

Celebrate Easter with Barbie! This sweet Barbie Doll comes in her yellow Easter best with a fun, Easter-themed sticker sheet. She's one cute chick that would make a terrific addition to that special someone's basket! I actually got mine on Stop and Shop, but you can also find in Target and if you are lucky at Walmart.

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