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Friday, September 28, 2012

Wish list - Haunted Beauty Ghost Barbie doll

I guess a wish list will also help me to know what I don't have in my collection...

This doll is stunning!!!

She's a gold label planning to be released on November of 2012

"An ancient mansion sits beneath ink black skies. Midnight winds whisper through deserted rooms. Softly, the sound of clanging chains and supernatural murmurs rises and grows. From the darkness, an apparition appears, sheer and barely visible. Frightfully beautiful, she lives between this earthly life and an unknown world beyond. You are indeed fortunate that this sublime spirit has revealed herself to you!

Haunted Beauty Ghost Barbie® wears an ethereal, off-white gown featuring fitted bodice, bell sleeves, and full skirt with tattered hem. A silvery earthly chain wraps around her body. Her long, pale platinum hair and dramatic face paint take her far beyond the paranormal to extraordinary!" -

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Lost in Collection...

yes, the title is how I have been felling recently, I don't know what I have in my Barbie collection anymore - most of it. "My Collection" project - the one to have pictures taken, posted on the blog... gave me some seeds, but I still have a lot of work to do...I say that because other day I was looking at eBay and I really liked one of the Barbies there - a 80's one, it made me nostalgic in a good way. My husband: "you have that one, don't you remember?" Geez!!From that day I got the "I have a lot of work to do" feelings...Nice when you a are a kid and have nothing but time at your hands, so miss those times... Anyways, for people like me who does not have access (not as I would like to - I keep my dolls at my father-in -law's house) to my collection other than pictures and be more organized I got set for the acceptance at this frustrating... sorry guys... just sharing... How do you organize/store your collection, anyways... does someone here is luck enough to have a space at your house? Would you like to share?


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Vintage Wednesday - MOD Barbie Blonde Straight leg Francie doll

Straight legs Francie dolls was issued between 1966 and 1968 with a 1965 date on the box, they were produced in Blonde and Brunette color hair, brown eyes, blonde eyebrown, dark pink lips and no "real/rooted" eyelashes.

She had a slimmer body than Barbie, so they didn't really share the wardobre. Her first outfit was in red short and top as show in image:

picture from:

Here a detailed one:
pictures from an eBay auction:

I don't have any vintage Francie doll, do you, what do you like most about her?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Barbie Look City Shopper

Wow, I have been away for a good long time. So many dolls are here that I'm still lost among so many news...

I got to say that I love the big dresses and fantasies dolls, but my heart also goes to the "normal" ones...I'm in love with these Barbies look city shopper dolls. I like that you can actually buy a dress like that. Feels more like a inspiration for me, i guess. I would wear a dress like these :-)

I so want these dolls!!!

pictures from:

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hi everyone...

Just stopping by to say hello to everyone and to let you know that I'm back posting this week. I had some issues that made me stay away from the blog all together, but everything is OK now :-)Hope everyone is doing great!