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Monday, September 28, 2009

Just a recall reminder...

Do you remember the recalled Barbie toys in 2007? Well, is never late for a reminder...

Barbie and Tanner play sets

Barbie and Tanner play sets

Barbie Bathtub and Toilet Play set

Barbie Couch & Table Living Room Play set

Barbie Desk and Chair Bedroom Play set

Barbie Dream Kitty Condo Play set

Barbie Dream Puppy House

Barbie Futon and Table Living Room Play set

Barbie Table and Chairs Kitchen Play set

Bringing the Original Idea...

I just loved this in the new barbie catalogue:
"Every girl should be able to look at Barbie and see herself"(Stacey McBride)
She is the designer of the AKA (Alpha Kappa Alpha) centennial Barbie Doll.
So, if you didn't see that yet, I scanned the page:

When Barbie was created, this idea was exact what "Mattel" was looking for, so now they are bringing this back, I did like that a lot!

Stacey McBride also designed the first black sorority doll.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Barbie items

Look this Barbie items, very cute!!! and they are not for kids, so enjoy it!!!

Live-action Barbie Movie?

It was reported by variety that Universal Pictures has acquired the rights to make a film about the most famous Blondie in the world. But, who do you think deserve or must be the one playing the big star?
Ashley Tisdale?

Sara Paxton?

Taylor Swift?

Blake Lively?

Olivia Wilde?

How about Gisele Bundchen? If she's not pregnant...
Or, may be a face we never heard about... Put your beats!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Barbie - Pink Ticket Party Instant Win Sweepstakes

Make a Barbie purchase or send in for a free code by mail, and you could win one of 25 trips to Los Angeles or one of more than 11,000 Barbie prizes in the Pink Ticket Party Instant Win Sweepstakes.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Human Barbie?

Do you think that would be possible? Well take a look...
"Do the maths: So, one trip to the toy shop and one measuring session with "Tricky Triplets Barbie" later, these are the vital statistics the Magazine was left with:
bust 4.6ins (11.6cm)
waist 3.5ins (8.9cm), and
hips 5ins (12.7cm)
Next, step forward our real life model, Libby, aged 27 - who is a slim, but unremarkable size 10/12. Applying Barbie's proportions to Libby's body yields some interesting results." (

Barbie Coloring Pages

I had found this really nice site with Barbie Coloring Pages. You can found prints like this one, go there and have fun!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

A 2009 - 2010 Barbie Wall Calendar

The 2010 Barbie calendar celebrates the classic dolls modeling stylish clothes from the Barbie Fashion Model Collection. It features one page for the last 4 months of 2009, plus a page for each month in 2010. A great calendar for a girl of any age, it’s printed on recyclable paper with soy inks.

A Barbie Desktop Calendar for September?

Do you want display a calendar in your desktop?and better, have Barbie reminder you of your appointments? Here you go!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Karl Lagerfeld and Barbie

A french fashion designer called Karl Lagerfeld designed some little outfits for some Barbie doll, along with a real life Ken model, wow!!! The exhibition happened in Paris, between March 9-28, 2009. Take a look!

Talk Teen Barbie

Do you remember the "talk barbie doll" released in 1992? why was never another one made it? Because the misunderstanding "Math is hard" phase? Well, to be honest, as my third Barbie doll she was OK, but she wasn't my favorite. First, the doll spoken a different language than mine, that was a big time mistake, second, having the idea to have to change her batteries was like have a electronic toy on hands, what i hated as a kid, i didn't like anything with batteries, because after was done, i would have to wait for my parents bring a new ones.

Well, I won as a Christmas gift, took her batteries out and welcomed her to meet my two other barbies and Ken, into the dream Barbie house than i had, we had a lot fun together...and she didn't need to say one word...

And the funny thing about all this was that the same doll was released in England, France and Germany. They talked the respective languages with accent!!! What happened in my country??? That's OK I'm over with that...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ken - Barbie's boyfriend.

Ken Carson is a toy doll introduced in 1961 as the fictional boyfriend of Barbie doll. Similar to his female counterpart, Ken had a fashionable line of clothing and accessories. In the Barbie mythos, Ken and Barbie met on the set of a TV commercial in 1961. Since his debut, Ken has held at least forty occupations, from Olympic gold medalist (1974, 1997), to hair stylist (1991, 1992, 1999).

This is the original Ken doll, introduced in 1961, with flocked hair. Doll came with red swim trunks, yellow towel, cork sandals, booklet and stand.

From 1961 to the debut of Superstar Ken in 1977, Ken had straight arms and a head that could only turn left and right. Ken's hair was felt in his first year but replaced with a plastic, molded haircut when the felt hair was found to fall off when wet. Superstar Ken featured a dimpled smile, a head that could swivel, bent arms, a more muscular physique, jewelry, and underwear permanently molded to his body.

(a 1978 Ken doll version)

In 1993, a version was released called Earring Magic Ken. The style of the doll resembled fashions among some segments of the gay community, and the doll attained a cult following.

Ken's best friend, Allan Sherwood was introduced in 1964.

The first African-American male doll was introduced in 1981, in contrast to Barbie's African-American friend, Christie, who was introduced in 1968. Another male doll, Alan, was introduced in 1990 and married Barbie's friend, Midge.
The unrealistic physiques of Barbie and Ken caused comment. Yale University psychologist, Kelly Brownell, observed that to size up to what Barbie looks for in a mate, "a man would have to grow 20 inches taller and add nearly 8 inches to his neck circumference, 11 inches to his chest and 10 inches to his waist to resemble the muscular Ken."
In February, 2004, Mattel announced a split for Ken and Barbie, with Russell Arons, vice president of marketing at Mattel, saying that Barbie and Ken "feel it's time to spend some quality time - apart...Like other celebrity couples, their Hollywood romance has come to an end." Arons indicated that the duo would "remain friends." Arons hinted that the separation might be partially due to Ken's reluctance to getting married. In February, 2006 however, a revamped version of the Ken doll was launched, and it appeared that their relationship was official again. On Valentines day of 2009, on her type pad blog, Barbie announced the official reunion of the couple.
Like Barbie, Ken is named after one of Ruth Handler's children.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Lilli, Barbie, Penny?

If you are a Barbie fan, you probably know where she came from and than the Lillie dolls are not made anymore since Mattel got the rights from the German company and started making
Barbie. Well, maybe what you didn't know, just as me that there is a Doll called Penny, made in Hong Kong that just look like Lilli. Yes! They come in Blondie, red and black hair. She is hard plastic, strung on an elastic body and the head are painted. Face is hand painted. She has the Bild Lilli hip joint - that means that she doesn't splay her legs like a you know what when she sits down. Molded shoes that are hand painted, hand painted claws. It's like looking to a Lilli doll,

don't you think? Take a look.

This is Lilli.

Coming in December 2009!

This Barbie doll is 1980s Black Barbie doll. She was the first African-American Barbie ever made. This reproduction remains faithful to the original. A second '80s reproduction fashion is included, along with 3 collector cards, and a booklet. Doll plus extra fashion, booklet, three collector cards. Due in December 2009.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Barbie Who? - September

I'm starting this month the following: I'll put a picture of one Barbie each month to the end of that month to say who she is, try and guess!!!
The first one is...?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Barbie of the month - September Birthstone Barbie doll

Birthstone Beauty Barbie Doll is dressed in a festive lace cocktail dress with a velveteen shrug. She wears a gorgeous birthstone necklace and charm bracelet, and is accompanied by a miniature dog!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Barbie Tea Set

Look how cute this is... Is the 35Th Anniversary Barbie Tea Set. I guess you can find EVERYTHING with Barbie logo, EVERYTHING!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Barbie Bedroom

Wow!!Here you can find everything to make the Little girl dream come true, you can find all the accessories to set her bedroom up. Take a Look.