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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Talk Teen Barbie

Do you remember the "talk barbie doll" released in 1992? why was never another one made it? Because the misunderstanding "Math is hard" phase? Well, to be honest, as my third Barbie doll she was OK, but she wasn't my favorite. First, the doll spoken a different language than mine, that was a big time mistake, second, having the idea to have to change her batteries was like have a electronic toy on hands, what i hated as a kid, i didn't like anything with batteries, because after was done, i would have to wait for my parents bring a new ones.

Well, I won as a Christmas gift, took her batteries out and welcomed her to meet my two other barbies and Ken, into the dream Barbie house than i had, we had a lot fun together...and she didn't need to say one word...

And the funny thing about all this was that the same doll was released in England, France and Germany. They talked the respective languages with accent!!! What happened in my country??? That's OK I'm over with that...

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