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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Miss America 2010.

I think is already time than Mattel should create a miss America Barbie, would be great, because we never know which state would be the next one. Well, just one more idea...But while they don't come out with anything like it, let's talk about the 2010 miss America than just happened in Nevada. The winner was Miss Virginia Caressa Cameron, Miss America 2010 not Miss USA. Confused? yes, Caressa Cameron is not Miss USA 2010.
Miss America & Miss USA are two different pageants that people normally get confused.
Miss America Caressa Cameron won’t be representing USA in Miss Universe 2010 competition. But, She’ll be happy with the 50,000 USD Scholarship which she won yesterday in Miss America 2010 pageant.
The official website of Miss America – contains the Miss America Pageant, with current contestants, pageant details and lots more. Anyway miss Universe or not She's very beautiful, take a look.

Guess Who for february 2010

The beautiful brunette Barbie is dressed in a silver and chocolate brown cocktail dress with a Hershey ribbon around her waist. She also has sweet little silver and chocolate brown heels and silver earrings.

2002 The Calla Lily Barbie Doll

Dressed in a full-length green silk skirt resembling spring-fresh leaves, and an ivory satin jacket shaped like a calla lily flower, Barbie doll is a true vision of floral splendor. Her jet-black hair is pulled into a sleek ponytail, showing off faux pearl earrings, and her striking face paint. White chemise gloves add a dramatic finishing touch to this blooming beauty.

Guess Who for Januarry 2010 - Did you guess?

2002 The Iris Barbie Doll

Barbie doll blooms beautifully in this fantastical interpretation of an iris. She wears a long satin and organza gown featuring spectacular blue and green hues like those found on the elegant iris flower. A green satin bodice and adjoining petals that drape into a shawl create an elegant arrangement, while her fitted long satin blue skirt attaches to a dramatic train behind her. Accessories include beaded earrings, long blue satin gloves, and matching shoes. Her lush golden blond hair cascades around her shoulders, and creates a striking contrast to her magical ensemble.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Barbie Three Musketeers Mini Musketeers Dolls

Three Musketeer Kelly dolls can show their Musketeer skills wearing jaunty hats with feathers and princess gowns along with their matching glitter horses!

Doll Repaint

Look this website than I found with one of a repaint Barbie doll. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!! AND A GREAT JOB!

Talk About Barbie Dolls... Common Terms

Over the years Barbie collectors have developed their own vocabulary:

A/O: All original Barbie dolls come complete with everything it came with originally.
Book value: Price of a particular Barbie doll.
C grading system: Used to rate the condition of your Barbie doll. C-1 through C-10 are used, with C-1 being very poor and C-10 being pristine and NRFB.
Collector edition: Collector edition Barbie dolls were intended for collection. More than 35,000 collector edition Barbie dolls were manufactured.
Customized Barbie dolls: Customized Barbie dolls were designed for a particular store.
HTF: Hard-to-find Barbie dolls.
Limited edition: Limited Edition Barbie dolls produced in quantities of less than 35,000. They often have special features that make them unique.
MIB: Mint in box. Factory condition Barbie doll in the original box.
MIP: Mint in package Barbie dolls. Like MIB, the MIP doll is in factory condition, in the original box, with all accessories preserved in original packaging.
Mint & complete: The Barbie doll has all accessories and is in excellent shape.
MNB: Mint no box.
Modern Barbie: Denotes Barbie dolls made after 1972.
NM: Near mint.
NRFB: Never removed from box.
OSS: Original Swim Suit.
Timeless treasures : Barbie dolls modeled after celebrities such as Elizabeth Taylor, Lucille Ball, or Elvis.
Vintage Barbie: Vintage Barbie dolls were made before 1972.

Dream Halloween 2000

Designer Kitty Black-Perkins created a Barbie and Ken gift set called "Dance With Me" with a bald Ken . The picture below has all the details on it. Take a look...

Friday, January 15, 2010

2001 Rose Barbie Doll

The Rose reinvents Barbie doll as an extraordinary, red blossom. She wears a full-length gown of deep red chiffon with a red/green iridescent velvet bodice and green velvet leaves featuring an embossed leaf print pattern. Resembling softly shimmering petals, the ruby red satin bodice swirls and folds, encircling and embracing Barbie. Rich red rhinestones sparkle on the skirt as fresh dew drops. A romantic headdress of velvet leaves and rhinestones, dark red gloves, and shoes are the final perfect complements to this extraordinary creation.

Barbie In A Mermaid Tale Steven Doll (African American)

Perennial favorite beach doll Steven from the DVD movie, Barbie in A Mermaid Tale! Features Steven doll (African American). Order yours today, and get in on the undersea fun!

Barbie Glam Vacation House

Barbie's fabulously glam vacation house is the ultimate in pinktastic play! Features two stories and six areas of glam-o-rama play including living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, patio, and breakfast bar. Clip n' flip pieces such as TV, chandelier, and tiki lights can be arranged and rearranged around the house in different rooms for customization. Includes couch, bed, breakfast/patio bar and blender. Folds up super neat for glam play on the go!

Barbie Harley-Davidson Barbie and Ken

Where'd ya park the bike, Barbie? Harley-Davidson fans will love this Barbie and Ken Harley-Davidson Gift Set! The adventurous couple is presented here in actual Harley fashions, and they even come with tattoos, piercings, and motorcycle helmets. Check out those tats! The highly collectible gift set includes 2 Pink Label Barbie Collector Dolls and 2 mini motorcycle helmets.

Make a note...

Does the copyright information appear on the Barbie's tush and NOT on her lower back? If the answer is yes, then your doll would be considered vintage (1959-1972), and these points will help you identify which doll you have. (we will assume for the time being that your doll's head was not switched and is the one that actually was issued by Mattel on the body you have...we will also assume that your doll was not used as a lab experiment by a little brother, or as a voo-doo doll, etc...)
If her tush says "Barbie" in script and then some Roman numerals after that, it is definitely vintage and probably valuable to a collector somewhere. The "Barbie" can be followed by either an "R" or a "TM". The earliest Barbie dolls made had the "Barbie TM" mark on the right buttock, and this mark was used for the #1 ponytail, #2 ponytail, #3 ponytail, and #4 ponytail. The mark was changed to "Barbie R", and this mold was used for the later #4 ponytail, #5 ponytail and #1 bubble-cut dolls. If your doll bears this copyright information, she is probably worth holding.
If the copyright information says "Midge 1962/Barbie 1958", followed by the years, then it is the body Mattel used for dolls issued 1962 and after. Later bubble-cut Barbie dolls, #6 ponytail and #7 ponytail, 1969 and 1970 Standard Barbie dolls, plus Midge dolls were issued with this body. Again, these are all collectible and probably valuable if in good condition. For the bubbles, ponytails and Midge dolls, the vinyl was the regular tan color. For the Standard Barbie, it was changed to pink vinyl (same body mold, just different-colored vinyl).
If the copyright says "1958 Mattel Inc." or "1958 Mattel Inc. Made in Japan", then you have either a Miss Barbie (issued in 1964) or what collectors refer to as an American Girl Barbie, (issued in 1965 and 1966) which is one of the most popular and collectible of all the Barbie family dolls. These dolls can command prices sometimes as high as the very early ponytails if in good condition. They are most notable for the fact that their legs bend at the knees with an internal mechanism, and this sets them apart from all the earlier dolls.

If the copyright says "1966 Mattel Made in Japan", this is also a good sign. Barbie got a new face in 1967 and these dolls are referred to as "Twist-n-Turn" Barbies, or "TNTs". The vinyl of their heads and bodies is pink, and they have a unique waist cut at an angle so that when they twist in one direction, their shoulder comes down toward the opposite hip. (This is quite different from the later 1966 copyright dolls, whose waists turn, but NOT at an angle. They just swivel from side to side WITHOUT the angled cut that makes their shoulders dip from side to side.) Another doll with this same copyright is the Malibu Barbie, and she was made with the same body mold, but with dark tan vinyl. She will also be marked "Made in Japan", and this is very important. Later dolls also carried this 1966 copyright, but they were NOT made in Japan and their value (speaking generally) goes downhill from here. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule (as always), but most of the very valuable and collectible Barbie and family dolls were made in Japan and bear this mark.
If the copyright information says "1965 Mattel Made in Japan", then you probably have a Barbie family doll such as Francie, who is extremely collectible. She has slimmer body proportions than Barbie and is a bit shorter.

If the copyright information says "1963 Mattel" then you probably have a Skipper doll, Barbie's little sister, who is also quite collectible.

Does your doll have real rooted eyelashes? Besides the copyright information, this is another very good sign. The dolls of the late 60s and early 70s had real eyelashes, and almost any of these would be considered collectible (just remember that some dolls from this same period did NOT have rooted eyelashes, so it does not mean that no eyelashes means no value...).

About the "Made in Japan" stuff...It is generally true that if a Barbie doll (or family doll) was made in Japan, it is collectible and probably valuable to someone. But as stated above, there are always exceptions. Some of the Barbie family dolls such as the later Skippers, Francies, Staceys, Christies, Julias, etc. were made in places such as Taiwan, Mexico, Korea, Hong Kong, etc. For these dolls, though, you would generally know that they are collectible because they look markedly different than your run-of-the-mill current-day Barbie dolls, i.e. they have real rooted eyelashes, are black dolls, are talking dolls, are smaller than Barbie (like Francie & Skipper), etc.

The most prevalent mistake made by people in determining a Barbie's value is thinking that the "1966" copyright information means something. This is NOT TRUE. There are millions of dolls marked 1966 and they are basically worthless to collectors. Even dolls made in the 1990s have this 1966 mark, so don't be fooled. But each doll should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis because there were foreign-issue dolls and others that are exceptions to these rules.

Please keep in mind that all of the above is just a GENERAL OVERVIEW, and that I am just a collector, not an expert (I could collect for 100 years and still not know everything there is to know about these dolls). If you need help identifying a particular doll, the best thing to do is either find a collector, or purchase a reference book. There are many available on the market today, but my highest recommendation goes to Marcie Melillo for her book "The Ultimate Barbie Doll Book". It is my bible (for the most part) in identifying vintage dolls and is an invaluable resource.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Barbie in a fashion fairytale!Movie 2010! Rumors or Real??????????

2010 Barbie In A Mermaid

Do you know who was the first African-American Barbie doll?

Francie - She appeared in 1967 as Barbie's mod cousin. This doll is very rare. A more widely known Black Barbie was introduced in 1980.

Now they have a black barbie doll group. She's just called Black Barbie. She wore a bubble cut/Afro and a red gown. Her long-time African-American friend is Christie, who was first sold in 1968.

Barbie 2003

Barbie 2003 wears a lavender gown that goes over one shoulder to create an elegant look. The bodice of the gown has shiny, silvery caviar beading. She also wears a dark lavender organza floor length wrap trimmed at the bottom with taffeta. Her hair is pulled back into an elegant low ponytail that is curled on the bottom. She wears silvery flower dangle earrings. Her rhinestone brooch reading “2003” is on the shoulder of the gown.

Barbie or Lady Gaga?

Well, someone must have a lot of imagination for that...and He's Veik, the 29-year-old Beijing-based artist behind. He explained why he chose Gaga as his muse:

“Just look at her in those amazing wigs, makeup, and outfits! I was thinking it
would be fun to make those wigs for dolls, and that a Lady Gaga doll must be
interesting. Since then, I pay close attention to her; her music, clothes,
glasses, makeup, everything! Every detail makes me love her more and more.”

Veik’s favorite Lady Gaga look has yet to become a Barbie yet, but can be found in her “Bad Romance” video: “She wore a white rat on her head. I used to be afraid of rats and thought them disgusting, but when she wore it I thought, ‘Wow, it’s really cool!’ So I’m planning to create that look for my dolls now. I even want a rat for my own head. It’s so funny, I no longer fear rats, and when I see one, I think ‘Wow, rats look so fashion, so cool.’”

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Oh my God! She's so Gorgeous!!!

2002 Maria Therese Barbie

Definitely getting this one...
Here comes the bride, and an exquisite one at that! Maria Theres Barbie®, the premier bridal doll in the Barbie Fashion Model Collection, is the epitome of matrimonial elegance. Dressed in a sublime satin gown covered in organza trimmed in satin, a v-shaped back with tailored bows and faux pearl buttons, Barbie makes a blushing bride. Her wedding day ensemble accoutrements include a mid-length veil accented with a tailored bow at the center, a petticoat, pantyhose, a delicate bouquet of flowers, and of course a blue garter. Faux pearl drop earrings, ruby red lips, and a sleek up swept bun provide the phenomenal finishing touches.

Barbie Themed Coloring Pages

Just open and print!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Guess who? - January 2010

Well, not too hard...

Barbie of the month - January 2010 - 2001 The Orchid Barbie

Look how beautiful they are...

Softly luxurious, Barbie doll blooms as The Orchid. An uncommon interpretation of a fresh flower, she wears a lovely gown of lavender-hued charmeuse. The satin bodice is adorned with a ruffle of metallic pleated organza. Shimmery sweeps of ombre printed satin organza surround Barbie as tender petals. A long cape of iridescent lavender chiffon creates a sweeping silhouette, enfolding Barbie in the fantasy orchid design. Long satin gloves in a delicate matching shade continue the sophisticated styling. A final perfect jewelry suite includes a sparkling bracelet and extraordinary drop earrings.

Happy new Year!!!!

A lot had happen, good and bad things..This is life...But I hope on this new year everyone can have more good than bad and if some bad may come up, than everyone can get over with a happy end. Welcome to the new year, welcome to the Barbie Doll world :-)
And, for the very first one for this year...
2008 Happy New Year Oshogatsu Japan Exclusive Barbie Doll

Japan Market Exclusive. From the Dolls of the World Collection. Asia - Gold Label. Comes with RARE Japan Exclusive Necklace for Barbie. This Japanese exclusive Barbie doll wears a lovely pink kimono in celebration of the new year. The doll “carries” a Japanese paddle in her hand. Exotic face paint and sculpt add to the doll’s allure. No more than 2,500 units produced worldwide.