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Friday, January 22, 2010

Talk About Barbie Dolls... Common Terms

Over the years Barbie collectors have developed their own vocabulary:

A/O: All original Barbie dolls come complete with everything it came with originally.
Book value: Price of a particular Barbie doll.
C grading system: Used to rate the condition of your Barbie doll. C-1 through C-10 are used, with C-1 being very poor and C-10 being pristine and NRFB.
Collector edition: Collector edition Barbie dolls were intended for collection. More than 35,000 collector edition Barbie dolls were manufactured.
Customized Barbie dolls: Customized Barbie dolls were designed for a particular store.
HTF: Hard-to-find Barbie dolls.
Limited edition: Limited Edition Barbie dolls produced in quantities of less than 35,000. They often have special features that make them unique.
MIB: Mint in box. Factory condition Barbie doll in the original box.
MIP: Mint in package Barbie dolls. Like MIB, the MIP doll is in factory condition, in the original box, with all accessories preserved in original packaging.
Mint & complete: The Barbie doll has all accessories and is in excellent shape.
MNB: Mint no box.
Modern Barbie: Denotes Barbie dolls made after 1972.
NM: Near mint.
NRFB: Never removed from box.
OSS: Original Swim Suit.
Timeless treasures : Barbie dolls modeled after celebrities such as Elizabeth Taylor, Lucille Ball, or Elvis.
Vintage Barbie: Vintage Barbie dolls were made before 1972.

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