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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!!! Feliz Ano Novo!!!

Hope everyone has a great and peaceful year!

Espero que todos tenham um ano de paz, amor, saude, um pouco mais de $$$ e (muito de) Deus na vida :-) 

Friday, December 30, 2011

Barbie Basics - fun in the sun Collection

I didn't really liked the "basic" collection, other for the accessories...But i love it the "fun in the sun". A lot of colors and accessories!!! More than that, just fun!

Model No. 14 — Collection 003
Model No. 08 — Collection 003 - My favorite!!!
Model No. 07 — Collection 003
Model No. 05 — Collection 003
Model No. 04 — Collection 003
Model No. 02 — Collection 003
Look No. 02 — Collection 003
Look No. 01 — Collection 003


Lawsuit Settled With Mattel

Did you know?

 "Beverly Hillbillies" star Donna Douglas has settled a lawsuit she filed over a Barbie doll in her classic TV character's likeness. Douglas, 78, filed a lawsuit against Mattel and CBS's consumer products division in May, seeking a minimum of $75,000 in damages after charging Mattel was "engaging in the unauthorized use" of her name and likeness to sell an Elly May Barbie doll. -
 The details of the settlement was confidential, but she has gotten at least 75.000 from it.

"She was happy with the result," said one of Douglas' attorneys, Charles von Simson.

The doll, released in late 2010, is dressed in jeans with a rope belt. Its long, blonde hair is a curly mop with loose, long pigtails — a style that Douglas still sometimes wears. The package includes a photo of her and a promotional description of the doll names Douglas, the lawsuit said. -

Well, as i said before, this is also it's a part of a business, one less to go.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Kim Kardashian's Barbie Coming??? Update

There are 3 Kardashian's Barbie dolls listed for the next collection:

picture from:

The   Kardashian's sisters will be out on June. Well, i don't think it's fair... Just because they're pretty (and rich, and celebrities...)? - It's because they are popular, Mattel is follow the mass - This is a business... Sad, but true

Kim Kardashian's Barbie Coming???

Kim Kardashian won't lose her precious time tweeting Barbie for nothing... I'm sure she has a lot other things to do, like makeup, photos, spa, gym, make sure her TV show is on air and bla, bla, bla). Nothing against her, love be a woman too...Maybe Mattel is follow the massive teenager's fever who "follow Kim? Pretty sure we'll have a Barbie from this "relationship, look this...
Specifically, this has to be a publicity stunt. Kim knows her every tweet is under the microscope! The woman gets PAID to tweet and name drop, especially when it comes to merchandise. I would think her most benign tweets have some kind of calculated motivation behind them. Hence why if she's tweeting at Barbie, it's not because she's lost her damn mind or had too much egg nog. The woman obviously has a deal goin' with Mattel.


And that's not only that. Their "relationship" is build up for a couple of years. Look this Australian magazine dated Back to 2009. 

  I wouldn't be crazy about it... It's OK i guess, Mattel has to attend everyone's preferences...

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Vintage Wednesday - Christmas Card

This item is not really a Vintage item, but i decided to place it in, anyways here, as it's from the 80's (geez, Am i calling myself vintage?) It says "For a Special Granddaughter Help Barbie with her Christmas Wardrobe!" on the front. There are 3 dresses and accessories, pants and tops too. This is a Hallmark card with Barbie trademark. Dated 1986.
I used to have a lot Barbie paper dolls as the "real" ones were so expensive and my parents couldn't afford. Anyways i still was a happy kid :-)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Barbie Designable Hair Extensions

i was one of those kids with almost no hair...I even remember one of my Friends in high school, who used to make fun of me about it, i was OK with that, never really bother me. Well, well, well... Mattel came up with these pieces - for Kids i think, i saw it at Walmart store, looks fun - I wouldn't wear it... anyways, here it's...
Barbie designable hair extensions provide a new form of expression-hair design! Use the online software to choose from ready prints or create new ones, and use the hair extensions with an ink jet printer to transfer the design to hair. Then clip the hair extensions in with the enclosed barrettes. Includes 2 barrette clips for girls or for Barbie doll and 8 printable hair extensions that can be easily shared.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Celebrity Monday - Diana Ross

Christmas gave me a lot childhood memories( I had some family/childhood talk with friends yesterday...) and i can still feel, just like it's happening now...One of my sisters used to listen a lot "Diana Ross". Been the youngest of 6, actually gave me a big variety of styles to choose from...No, i didn't choose Diana Ross, don't have a single CD, DVD, no songs saved on my Ipod or anything like that, but it's such a good feeling to hear her singing. So, i pick her for this Monday... This is one of the songs that i "like" - funny that i didn't even know English back then...

For those who doesn't know who she's:

One of the most widely-known female performers in the world since the 1960s, Diana Ross was born in Detroit and spent most of her childhood living in the city's Brewster Housing Projects. Despite an extremely shy disposition, at a young age she began singing with the choir of her family's church, and soon afterward became determined to establish herself as an entertainer.  (for more about her - go to:

Anyways...Let's go for what we are here for...
The Diana Ross Barbie was released on 2004. she's actually from the Celebrity Collection.

Diana Ross wears a Bob Mackie designer gown from her most memorable 1970's era. Her dress is a dramatic white/silvery glitter printed gown. It features dolman sleeves, tightens from the waist down to the knees and then flares out. The gown has beaded cuffs and coordinating wide beaded belt. The ensemble features a flower in Diana's long wavy black hair. The face is an authentic Diana Ross sculpt. Finally, the doll has silvery hoop earrings, painted fingernails, and white shoes.  - Mattel

pictures from Mattel