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Monday, December 12, 2011

Celebrity Monday - Grease Movie

"Grease" is an American musical film that come out on 1978, about two lovers (Danny and Sandy) in a 1950's high school. Actors like John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John, Stockard Channing and Jeff Conaway had their big roles on this movie. Still famous on these days and with a lot of fans out there, Mattel have a collection proving that a movie from the late 70's still lives on our hearts and shelves (Cd's, DVDs and barbie dolls). So, if you are a Barbie collector and loves "Grease"...

John Travolta - Danny

Olivia Newton-John - Sandy

Stockard Channing - Betty

Jeff Conaway - Kenickie

Grease Barbie Doll - 2003

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the beloved movie Grease, Barbie doll portrays the character Sandy Olsson. She wears a re-creation of the outfit from the memorable final scene of the movie, when the once prim and proper Sandy dons a black leather jacket over a sleek  jumpsuit.

Barbie Collector - Barbie as Sandy from Grease #2 - 2004

Tell Me More Sandy Olsson wearing a wonderful re-creation of the outfit worn in the "Tell Me More" song and dance scene.

Look these cute kids i found on youtube:

Barbie Grease Girl Rizzo - 2007

Doll wears a reproduction of the costume from the Rydell High scene where Rizzo starts off the school year making trouble at the lunch table.

Barbie Grease Girl Sandy -2007

Doll wears a reproduction of the cheerleader costume from the pep rally scene where Sandy and Danny are reunited.

Barbie Grease Girl French - 2007

Doll wears a reproduction of the costume from the Frosty Palace scene where Frenchy bemoans being a beauty school drop-out. Is her pink hair a sure sign that she hasn’t made a strategic career move.

2008 was the 30th anniversary of the movie - a set of dolls was a "gift" to the famous film:

Barbie Grease Frenchy Dance Off Doll

Doll wears a night gown.

Mattel Barbie Grease Girls Rizzo 

 Doll is a reproduction scene where Rizzo showed up with a sassy red dress as she makes a splashy entrance at the National Bandstand Dance Off.

Cha Cha Barbie® Doll (Dance Off)
Grease Cha Cha Barbie Doll (Race Day)
Grease Sandy Barbie Doll (Dance Off) 

Grease Barbie Kelly Celebrity Kelly and Tommy Dolls Grease 

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  1. Hello from Spain: the entrance enchants to me that you did on the Grease film. In Spain it is a very famous film and in they replace it very frequently to the television. In Madrid, capital, a company of dancers do a musical comedy being inspired by the film. Barbie Collector Sandy 2004 enchants to me. It did not know that model Shelly and Tommy is so cute. Very good work and good photos. We follow in contact of blog blog