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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Vintage Wednesday - 1963 Fashion Lame Sheath pak

The "pak" was:

Navy & Gold Brocade Strapless Sheath Dress
Gold Dimple Purse
Navy open toes shoes

This item was made for only one year and it's one of the most rare and expensive vintage Barbie's accessories out there. I found one auction on eBay, starting at over $200.00. I got to say i do like her accessories, but i don't most of the vintage like ones, i repeat...I'm fan of the 80 and 90's, big time!! Still a nice collectible item.





  1. Hello from Spain: slight prices so lifted for Barbie. The dress I like much. I sent an email to you but in case you can no read it I confirm to you that today Barbie arrived to me and she is precious. I am enchanted with your gift. The card enchanted to me that you included to me. Thank you very much and we followed in contact of blog blog

  2. Hi Marta!
    Sad that "vintage" pieces are pricey, usually...
    And, yes, i did get your e-mail :-)
    thanks very much for letting me know
    Keep in touch!