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Monday, December 26, 2011

Celebrity Monday - Diana Ross

Christmas gave me a lot childhood memories( I had some family/childhood talk with friends yesterday...) and i can still feel, just like it's happening now...One of my sisters used to listen a lot "Diana Ross". Been the youngest of 6, actually gave me a big variety of styles to choose from...No, i didn't choose Diana Ross, don't have a single CD, DVD, no songs saved on my Ipod or anything like that, but it's such a good feeling to hear her singing. So, i pick her for this Monday... This is one of the songs that i "like" - funny that i didn't even know English back then...

For those who doesn't know who she's:

One of the most widely-known female performers in the world since the 1960s, Diana Ross was born in Detroit and spent most of her childhood living in the city's Brewster Housing Projects. Despite an extremely shy disposition, at a young age she began singing with the choir of her family's church, and soon afterward became determined to establish herself as an entertainer.  (for more about her - go to:

Anyways...Let's go for what we are here for...
The Diana Ross Barbie was released on 2004. she's actually from the Celebrity Collection.

Diana Ross wears a Bob Mackie designer gown from her most memorable 1970's era. Her dress is a dramatic white/silvery glitter printed gown. It features dolman sleeves, tightens from the waist down to the knees and then flares out. The gown has beaded cuffs and coordinating wide beaded belt. The ensemble features a flower in Diana's long wavy black hair. The face is an authentic Diana Ross sculpt. Finally, the doll has silvery hoop earrings, painted fingernails, and white shoes.  - Mattel

pictures from Mattel


  1. Hello from Spain: Diana Ross also brings good memories to me because years ago Julio Iglesias, a singer of Spain, recorded a song with her and it was a great success. The doll is a good retort of the singer who used much that type of dresses. We follow in contact of blog blog

  2. Marta, my mom used to LOVE Julio Iglesias, i think he was a "charmed" man...he is famous in Brazil too.

  3. This is one of the best celebrity dolls Mattel did.