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Friday, December 9, 2011

Stardoll Collection by Barbie

I'm not crazy about the "regular" Barbie dolls, if I have to choose i prefer to go with "Bob Mackie"/collectors, accessories (love it!) and furniture pieces ( i guess pretty much every collector). I'm not saying that i don't have it or i wouldn't but it, but i rather appreciate the details on an art type one than the "common ones... Well, anyways...Mattel have change the doll face a lot of times in a year! Bad? it's OK i guess, but I still prefer the old ones, i don't like this too modern style... Feels like, a lot is coming up, that i can't keep up..., i haven't even know how many from the "basic collection" are out there (BTW, great accessories on the line). One more reason to go with the collectible line ones, but hey business is business...just like a new nail polish, lipstick, a blouse, every industry has to innovate i guess. Now, we have the "Stardoll Collection" - i got to least learn about it or I won't even be able to keep a conversation with my niece. These kids today are all about the new toys!! Good luck for me with my adult world responsibilities...

Bonjour Bizou – Style 1
Bonjour Bizou – Style 2
Bonjour Bizou Accessory
Doll Space – Style 1
Doll Space – Style 2
Fallen Angel – Style 1
Fallen Angel – Style 2
Fallen Angel Accessory
Pretty n' Love – Style 1
Pretty n' Love – Style 2
Pretty n' Love Accessory

Pictures from Mattel -


  1. I miss the traditional Barbie face too, but I must confess I like this Stardoll's fashions. At least, they look better than the fashionistas', a little less plastic-like.

  2. yes! you are right about looking better than the fashionistas, these ones have a more "real" look to it.

  3. And...BTW, as always, I'm crazy about the accessories...