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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

1997 Madame Du Barbie Doll - A piece of Art

Gown (below) of Queen Sofia Magdelena of Sweden. It was made in Paris of silver cloth, and consists, like all French court gowns, in three separate pieces: bodice, skirt and train. Indeed in the course of the 18th century all European courts had adopted the Versailles court costume. (

This is one of the dolls that i like to look, just take my time and appreciate, like a piece of art.


With the theatrical flair and fantasy women have come to expect from designer Bob Mackie, the 10th Barbie doll in the series is introduced. Madame du Barbie doll captures the majesty and opulent elegance of the eighteenth century royal court of France. Her gown is a breathtaking confection of ice blue brocade with bead and jewel-embellished rococo embroidery. The coiffure and headpiece are appropriate for the most elegant of royal occasions. Again Bob Mackie has achieved the classic essence of true glamour.


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  1. Hello from Spain: you are right that the Barbie of this entrance is as an art work. It is necessary to spend time in contemplating it. That so great beauty has and that dressed more wonderful takes. They are wonderful photos. Certainly the price of doll is lifted. We follow in contact of blog blog