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Monday, January 30, 2012

Celebrity Monday - Aishwrya rai Bachchan

To be honest I'm not too sure if this doll ever came out, I'm may be wrong, please corrected me, i think she didn't, i didn't have much time to do a search on this one, but either way i would love to say that if did, great! she;s a beautiful Indian celebrity and very much deserve a Barbie doll ( haven't you heard Barbie have reach every kid in the world and supposed respect their culture?). I have found some pictures of her, maybe...we don't have one,  does someone knows????

 This is a "goggled" Indian Barbie Doll, it's her, so that's why i don't think we have one...yet - Is Mattel here? listening to us?

 She's not pretty, she is gorgeous...

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Happy Anniversary for all of us!!

Happy Anniversary for all of us!!

Today, I wanted to take a chance to congratulate this whole community in helping keep this blog going over the past year. Even through hard times, as I walked away from here, when I couldn't think of a post, or when I just simply did not have the time to share and give back to this great community, you were all here.

In here I have made friends, met people, and communicated with such great individuals from all over the world!

Its you, all of you, the community that have been the best part of it: meeting such nice people :-) Well, just like every birthday it's even better when gifts are given - Do you remenber the Barbie Doll and Tammy promotion from Mattel, back in December? - HERE- I actually didn't get it... Mattel gave me something else in instead...

In the mail I received this letter from Mattel. I could not place why I would be receiving a letter from Mattel...

At the heading was written, "MATTEL, INC. CONSUMER RELATIONS". It turned out to be a letter regarding that same promotion from December. As the letter went on, it related that due to the heavy volume of submissions, Mattel had run out of the Barbie Doll and Tawny Horse set and was writing to inform me that they would be sending me a replacement set... "Barbie Puppy Water Park". What a cool thing Mattel did! I was thrilled, not only did they send out a nice courtesy letter to let me know I would not be reciving my gift, but they were even willing to replace it!

But... it gets even better... Attached at the bottom of the letter they also enclosed a $5.00 coupon to use towards a next Mattel or Fisher-Price purchase! Wow! What a neat way to give back to us, I was really impressed! So in parting, this has been a wonderful year at Barbie Cafe for the community and Barbie herself! I can't help but thank everyone involved and I can only say "Cheers!" and may the next year be even more the Happiest! Thank you all!

P.S: Wow! 3 years has passed, stay tuned... a new contest is coming pretty soon!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Vintage Wednesday...

Today, the post is not about Barbie, but still vintage. Not everything is pink, glitter...Barbie world. Sometimes, I think this collectible would take me away from the reality, makes me forget about my own problems and focused on something else.
However, today i wasn't in the mood to search for "Barbie" - I have been a little down...The post it's not vintage, but the song is - For some reason this song was stack in my mind all day...

Anyways, sorry... Things will get better, just a little down today - It's my human side speaking...

Hope everyone are having a wonderful day!

God bless you!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Barbie look-alike doll

Wow! This is every fan/collector dream...Great Job!!!!


An 11½-inch doll dominates Madison Bednar's world.
Besotted with Barbies since she was a toddler, the Oakley 10-year-old has amassed a collection she says is too large to count.
That trove of toys grew even bigger late last year when Madison collected the grand prize in a national contest held by the manufacturer of the iconic doll.
"I still can't believe it to this day that I won!" said the Laurel Elementary fifth-grader.
Madison beat an estimated 200,000 other hopefuls in Mattel Inc.'s "Doll for a Day" promotion to receive an all-expense paid trip to company headquarters in Southern California, where she helped design a doll in her likeness and received a bounty of other Barbie booty. For more:

Madison Bednar, 10, of Oakley, Calif., shows the many Barbie dolls Tuesday Jan. 17, 2012, she received last July after winning the grand prize in Mattel Corp.'s "Doll for a Day" contest, which meant an all-expense-paid trip with her family to the toy company's plant in Southern Calif. Madison was VIP for the day and was prepped to have a Barbie made in her likeness, and in November she received her Barbies and a book of photos of her experience. (Dan Rosenstrauch/Staff) 

Madison Bednar, 10, of Oakley, Calif., sits inside her pink bedroom Jan. 17, 2012, where a sign she received from Mattel last July, sits over her bed after winning the grand prize in Mattel Corp.'s "Doll for a Day" contest, which meant an all-expense-paid trip with her family to the toy company's plant in Southern Calif. Madison was VIP for the day and was prepped to have a Barbie made in her likeness, and in November she received her Barbies and a book of photos of her experience. (Dan Rosenstrauch/Staff)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Celebrity Monday - Cher

Cher (play /ˈʃɛər/)[2] (born Cherilyn Sarkisian on May 20, 1946) is an American recording artist, television personality, actress, director, record producer and philanthropist. Referred to as the Goddess of Pop,[3][4][5] she has won an Academy Award, a Grammy Award, an Emmy Award, three Golden Globes and a Cannes Film Festival Award among others for her work in film, music and television. She is the only person in history to have received all of these awards. - For more... -

 Cher photographed by Richard Avedon, 1971

 Cher photographed by Richard Avedon, 1975 for the cover of TIME magazine.

As a Kid, I knew her face as an actress, but not as a singer - I grown up watching those American 80's movies in Brazil, big success... I'm not an expert on Barbie , just a big fan and someone who's try to keep up with this doll collectible world.
So, the blog for me is a way to learn from others a little bit more and more each time I read my own collectibles books, online or whatever i can find...I don't think twice if have to go to Salvation Army just to browsing around, for example, where you can find treasures there. Well, my point here is to talk about how surprised i was when i discovered that the first Cher doll is dated back even before I exist... It was not release by Mattel, but by a company called MEGO Corporation, they dominated the action figure market in the 70's. So, looks like Che's and Bobbie Mackie relationship comes from way back on time...huh?

These first dolls were "ugly", considering that Cher always had a beautiful face... I'm not sure how many different ones were made, but o was able to find online most of them - Keep reading...

Cher Designer Fashions HOEDOWN Bob Mackie Outfit (1976 MEGO)

MEGO SONNY 12" Poseable DOLL  (1976)

MEGO Growing Hair CHER Doll - 1976

Growing Hair Cher Doll is a 1976 MEGO Corporation production. MEGO Cher Doll in RED Bathing Suit w Styling Hair (1976)

MEGO Cher Doll in Yellow Bathing Suit w Styling Hair (1976)

Cher Designer Collection Fashions FOXY LADY Bob Mackie (1976 MEGO)

Well, Anyways...I'm glad time changes, toys, designers... Mattel first release was in 2001 -
Cher Barbie "Timeless" Collector Doll - Inspired from her Bob Mackie Gowns

2007 Celebrity Collection - Cher Bob Mackie Doll - Platinum Label - 1970's

 2007 Celebrity Collection - 1980's

2007 Celebrity Collection -  Reunion Cher - From her 1990's Believe album - Platinum Label exclusive to Toys "R"  Us - Only 996 dolls were produced.