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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Reminder - Last day for Contest Entry - Nao esqueça de participar do sorteio, ultimo dia!!

Hoje e o ultimo dia, ultima chance para se escrever no sorteio de uma boneca Barbie - 3 passos

1 - Siga o blog

2 - Deixe um comentário nesse post:

3 - Preencha o formulário do post

O resultado sai amanha!!


  1. Hello from Spain: I do not I have Facebook for personal reasons. I do not think much on that platform. Anyway I do not agree to make a bald Barbie because I think us out of problems and allow us to dream and always see the Cancer Barbie I would remember this terrible disease. I cross my fingers through your new doll drawing although I think that fortune smiles again. We remain in contact blog blog

  2. You have a good point, Marta, it's a terrible disease... but we can't pretend that cancer doesn't exist...we have to get together and face it! no way around...