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Friday, January 6, 2012

Barbie Brazilian Salon

There's a Brazilian website, just like eBay, where every so often i found some of those Barbie items from the 80's. So, when i want to buy something i get it and ship to my mom's house in Brazil , that way i save some money in shipping . My last acquisition was a Barbie salon that i wanted for a long time, i was looking for one in a better condition. so, here what i got - It's actually complete and working! So, great deal!!! - as far as i know my sister said it's working...


  1. Omg! I love Brazilian Barbies. Can you take pics of all your Brazilian items and dolls?

  2. Hello from SpAin, congratulations for your purchase. IT is very cute. Keep in touch

  3. Hi Ada,
    Unfortunately, at this moment, i don't have anything at my house as i don't have enough space to storage...sorry. Anyways, most of my Brazilian items are furniture, i also have one doll, which is the one when i was a kid.
    Maybe in the future, I'll be happy to do so.
    Thanks for stopping by!
    Keep in touch.