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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Argentina Barbie Doll

When i think about Argentina, no way i can't think about Brazil, those countries are side by side (I may been have some kind of a home sick "attack") - This Doll is one of those creations were you see the country in it, of course, that's how the World collection works - Tango, Spanish, romance, love...i see, she's from Argentina :-)Do you remember the one from Brazil, she looked like a "mulata" - dressed in a carnival outfit - the first word people can mention when I say": I'm from Brazil and I'm very proud of it!
From: Mattel

Barbie is ready to tango in a stunning charmeuse dress featuring a flowing ruffle and black fringe skirt. For a touch of passion, Barbie doll has a rose around one ankle and in her hair. A black “lace” shawl and fishnet stockings finish the look. Includes “passport,” country stickers, baby cougar and brush.

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