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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Twilight Breaking Dawn Barbie Collector Doll

The final Edward and Bella dolls in the Barbie Collector Twilight series are inspired by the 4th book in the Stephanie Meyers' Twilight series, Breaking Dawn, in which Edward and Bella get married.
Edward doll, for me, looks awful.Barbie face is beautiful ,but for me looks nothing like "Bella". Anyways, still OK - Not a fan of Twilight, haven't watch the movie, so i can't even say if the clothes looks like theirs, the dress is too simple, but then again i can't say, maybe that's how suppose to be...simple as it's


  1. He looks way to stiff for my taste. I'm not a Twilight fan so maybe I'll just buy her if she goes on sale.

  2. I agree with you both about Edward. I thought I might like him but from the start, I didn't. However oddly enough, I like the Harley Ken 3 and the Basic Barbie male using the Edward head sculpt. Shrug.

    Her bridal gown though is very classy.

    Thanks for sharing ;)