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Monday, January 9, 2012

Celebrity Monday - Rosie O'Donnell

I have decided that I am going to attempt to occasionally launch a segment specifically geared to Barbie's ever loving parents...  Mr. and Mrs. Mattel...  As does all collectors and fans alike, I get frustrated at little things that I can not always control...  I understand that this is why I am here writing and not working at the "Pink Factory", but I am a voice and in the spirit of Barbie's care free life of promoting women and here is mine... 

"Dear Mattel, My Pink Wish List..."

I have an idea that I would love to see come to fruition,

"Dreams of Pink the Barbie Make Over"

Every year or so a doll should be "relaunched" for the fans, this doll needs to be given a make over in the way that is fitting for every Barbie Girl...

If there was a doll that Mattel made for the Barbie line that needed a much deserved make over, I would definitely nominate the Rosie O'Donnell Barbie Doll.  By no means am I attacking the celebrity herself for the molding or the likenesses...  actually, quite the contrary, by viewing the pictures below you can clearly see the progress that Mattel had made in the continued advancements of the production's line: 

The celebrity:
The doll:
ecrater seller pictures.

The problem with the doll?  I understand that at the time of launch for this doll, there were many "trade mark" likenesses and accessories that were picked just for the molding to make this more like the namesake celebrity.  The problem stems from the "collapse" of the television show, and the subsequent "re - launch" of the celebrity's public life.  In actuality this celebrity "turned her back" on the image and life that the public was "issuing" her...  THAT is what makes a Barbie girl. 

Ideally I would like there to be a Pink Label, or ulterior Black, Silver, Gold, etc. Label to celebrate the return of this celebrity to the public eye... 

In the defense of all parties, I have always and will always believe that "Barbie" is a celebration of the "woman" with respect to all walks of life.  I think its high time to cast away the red "nineties" suit and other wise dulled down experience, (perhaps outdated? is a better word),  and give this woman a real "Barbie Make Over", one that is deserving of any "friend of Barbie". 

My only point to make here that has been a legacy to the original doll is the $5.00 contribution to charity that each sale of the doll amassed.  This was a wonderful way to promote not just a celebrity, but also help us, the Barbie fans, give back to the ones whom need the help.  If this "Barbie Make Over" really did its job, this is exactly a great point to "rehash" to the doll line and create a very positive feel for a very positive idea...

Thank you for your time...

Your Barbie fan


  1. Hello from Spain: i think a great idea that plastids in this blog. Mattel should restart some of the dolls today can not longer find or prohibitively expensive prices. I applaud your iniciative and keep in touch

  2. Hi Marta, sure some of the old models need an update...
    thanks for stopping by!

  3. Hi Marta, sure some of the old models need an update...
    thanks for stopping by!