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Thursday, January 5, 2012

General Mills + Mattel = Barbie Camper

I went grocery shopping last week and found this "promo" on the Cheerios's cereal box. $10.00 off of the Barbie Camper, i actually have a Barbie camper - an old model - this one would be nice for my collection as well.
P.s: Every time i mentioned my collection i get very frustrated...Everything are on my father-in-law house as my house is so small and i can't keep all "those" items here. I wish i could do more for it, maybe one day when i get a big house... :-(


  1. So cool. How much will it be with the discount?

  2. Hello from Spain: In Spain there is that box of cereal with the discount. A pity. I have two caravans and the former brings a table in the yellow kitchen that becomes the game board chess, is much bigger and better than the new model, smaller. I understand you have part of your collection in your father's house. I felt the same until I got a big house. Time will bring a bigger house. We remain in contact blog blog

  3. I saw on Amazon, around christmas time going for $40.00 as they always have a toy sale in the end of the year.
    You can also can get at the toy store around here for $60.00 maybe less, on sale/clearance, but then you can use the $10.00 off coupon.

  4. Hi Marta,
    I actually like the older model. I remember as a kid, Estrella, authorize maker of Barbie in Brazil, had an awesome model, similar to the one you described - I didn't have one at the time as my parents couldn't afford, maybe that's why i liked so much...some type of kid's frustration... Well, not anymore ...:-)
    Keep in touch :-)