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Monday, February 14, 2011

Barbie of the month - February 2001 - I love Valentine's day 2011 Barbie Doll.

2011 Barbie Valentines Doll

Ken was going crazy...

On his mind...nothing but Barbie - He got her back...not surprised...

Happy Birthday Ken Barbie Doll

Ken still has a lot to be proud of from Barbie, after this gorgeous outfit, I'm sure he couldn't get enough, i would be happy too :-)

We know that 2011 is all about Ken® doll’s 50th anniversary. But Barbie is STILL a major part of the fab festivities. Wearing her most eye-catching, show-stopping outfit to present Ken® with his birthday "gift", Barbie is every bit the beautiful birthday present herself.
Draped in Ken® doll’s signature color cyan blue, her gown features an organza plaid bodice (a wink and a nod to his famous and fabulous sweater vests) and adorable white bow at her waist (inspired by a classic Ken® accouterment, the bow tie!). With cyan-colored gift box with Ken logo tag in hand, Barbie can’t wait to wish Ken a very happy birthday! (

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Barbie Christian Louboutin Shoe Pack

Every doll needs more shoes, and that includes Barbie. But she wants and only wears the latest Christian Louboutin! This Christian Louboutin Barbie Shoe Collection completes the doll series designed by the wizard of fabulous footwear. It offers 9 pairs of the most stunning Christian Louboutin shoes-- complete with shoe boxes and bags-- to build out your Barbie Dolls' closet.

Valentines's day - Dia dos namorados

Well, well, well. everyone still saying Barbie and Ken are not together yet...i don't know what they are doing together at the you all know the big yes or no will be given later today, but we all know the answer...they are already together...I'll prove it to you....

Quem diria esses dois hein? todo mundo esperando para a resposta da Barbie no dia nos namorados, ela fazendo doce, mas ta por ai de passeios com o Ken, os encontrei outro dia no Walmart, olha as provas...

Cynthia Rowley Barbie Doll

Learning with Barbie's not the first time that I learn with Barbie about designers, I'm not on the fashion industry and I'm not very "to follow style and fashion" type a thing. When i see a new name Barbie Doll, I say to myself, oh ok a designer, one more that i didn't know learn everyday. Ok, who's Cynthia Rowley? well as I said she's a fashion designer, a big one, big name(but i never heard of, big I meant on the fashion world...) - here's her website to check how talent she's: /collection_spring_2011.php

I actually never heard of her, probably because her clothes sizes does not fits me :/ ($$$$$)

Well I don't really care about that right, but I wouldn't mind get a Cynthia Rowley Barbie Doll, it will be enough to make me happy :-)

Todas as vezes que eu me deparo com Barbie com um nome que eu nuca ouvi falar sempre digo pra mim mesma, quem e o proximo designer famoso?sempre aprendo o nome de mais um, mas que nao passa de so mais um , primeiro porque nao sou ligada em moda e muito menos de seguir algo que esteja na moda. Entao, quem e Cynthia Rowley? como ja disse e uma estilista de moda muito famosa, mas que eu nunca ouvi falar...kkkkkk(e eu nao sou ligada em moda mesmo...), aq o website dela se vc quiser verificar alguns trabalhos -, so fiquei triste porque as roupas nao me cabem ($$$$), sabe como e...tambem nao gostei de nenhuma mesmo...Ja ficaria feliz se ganhasse uma boneca Barbie so com o nome dela :-)

Ken Campaigns to win Barbie Back - part 5

Hum, I guess now Ken have been trying to change his look around to convince Barbie he's still "mister right" for her and have been for years, she just have to realize it, huh? Take a look on the "new Ken"!
Agora o Ken ta tentando mudar ate o visual para convercer Barbie que ele e o homem certo pra ela e sempre foi, so ela que ainda nao sabe, ne? Da uma olhada nele!!

Word on the street is that six of the top menswear designers in the world curated looks for a specific dream date inspired by Ken. These fashion forward looks will be on display at Christie’s during New York Fashion Week (Feb 13 – Feb 21).

Ken’s dream date looks for every occasion will be designed by:

* Modern British menswear designer Simon Spurr
* Rugged American menswear designer Michael Bastian
* German born eclectic menswear designer Robert Geller
* Cutting edge menswear designer Nicholas K
* Internationally acclaimed menswear designer Yigal Azrouël
* Crisp, clean, classic menswear designer Billy Reid

Saturday, February 5, 2011

New Barbie Movie - A fairy secret - coming spring 2011

Happy Birthday Ken!!!

yes!! He's 50 and still on style.Take a look on same pictures and what the time (and designers) had done to Ken - I personally like the 80's style :-)

Ken's Campains to win Barbie back - Part 4

Continuing the saga of the most famous couple of the moment (well, not really, they are not together, yet...), here a historical line of the couple romance - keep tuned!

E dando continuidade a saga do volta, nao volta entre Ken and Barbie...E como ontem foi o aniversario dele tb ne...uma linha historica do romance dos dois - fique ligado!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Barbie Sparkle Lights Fairy Doll

Fairies soar to new heights with fantastical lightup wings! Press button on doll leg to activate LED light-up wings. Also includes fashionable fairy outfit with colorful necklace, tiered skirt, hair butterfly clip and belt with flower accent.

Barbie Styling Head Caucasian

What will you style today? Girls will love all the hair styling fun they can have with the Barbie Styling Head! Features hair accessories, hair clips and hair brush.
As pequenas ja podem treinar os tinha maior sonho de ter uma dessa quando crianca, agora ja da pra comprar uma :-)

Barbie H2O Design Studio Doll

Now girls can customize and transform Barbieï½ fashions over and over again for tons of fashion fun! Just add water to design tools then spray, stencil, stamp, and draw right on Barbie fashions and designs magically appear! Allow designs to dry and then create all over again! It's easy! Includes Barbie doll plus extra fashion, water pen tool, spray bottle, double-ended stamp tool and stencil. 

Vc se lembra quando as "velhas canetas futuras" - pelo menos e como eu conheco...e...aquelas q eram mais caras e vinham depois do lapis de cera e do lapis de cor, aquelas q quando estavam ficando velhas a gente colocava alcool pra funcionar? bons anos 80...bem a ideia aqui e dizer q ate q efim inventaram uma caneta q nao mancha as bonecas, por que as minhas daquela epoca eram totalmente maquiadas e ficavam todas manchadas...kkkk, q saudade do meu tempo de crianca, q saudade...