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Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy new Year!!!!

A lot had happen, good and bad things..This is life...But I hope on this new year everyone can have more good than bad and if some bad may come up, than everyone can get over with a happy end. Welcome to the new year, welcome to the Barbie Doll world :-)
And, for the very first one for this year...
2008 Happy New Year Oshogatsu Japan Exclusive Barbie Doll

Japan Market Exclusive. From the Dolls of the World Collection. Asia - Gold Label. Comes with RARE Japan Exclusive Necklace for Barbie. This Japanese exclusive Barbie doll wears a lovely pink kimono in celebration of the new year. The doll “carries” a Japanese paddle in her hand. Exotic face paint and sculpt add to the doll’s allure. No more than 2,500 units produced worldwide.

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