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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Lost in Collection...

yes, the title is how I have been felling recently, I don't know what I have in my Barbie collection anymore - most of it. "My Collection" project - the one to have pictures taken, posted on the blog... gave me some seeds, but I still have a lot of work to do...I say that because other day I was looking at eBay and I really liked one of the Barbies there - a 80's one, it made me nostalgic in a good way. My husband: "you have that one, don't you remember?" Geez!!From that day I got the "I have a lot of work to do" feelings...Nice when you a are a kid and have nothing but time at your hands, so miss those times... Anyways, for people like me who does not have access (not as I would like to - I keep my dolls at my father-in -law's house) to my collection other than pictures and be more organized I got set for the acceptance at this frustrating... sorry guys... just sharing... How do you organize/store your collection, anyways... does someone here is luck enough to have a space at your house? Would you like to share?



  1. Mine is not very large and I have some space in a small storage room. But I think taking photos and making a kind of catalogue (using an excel document or something like that) could be useful for you!

  2. Hello from Spain: I have a room in my house dedicated to the collection of Barbies and houses dolls and accessories. Also I have the clothes organized by color. I have great luck to have a dedicated space for my hobby. I have the entire room with shelves and I have them I exposed my favorite dolls. In boxes I have the rest of the collection. In the boxes I keep old heads and bodies already do not like. Keep in touch

  3. Hi, I have more than 100 dolls, but not so much space. What I did was dividing them in 12 parts according to the months of the year, so that I can desplay them all in 1 year's time. Change of interior, isn't it? In this way I look through my dollies every month and remember what I have. And I have pictures of all of them on my PC, of course.

  4. yes! the pictures are a great idea, despite that I started to do so after while, so i have a long way to go with that, but I guess in the end will be worth...
    Marta, you are a lucky girl to have a whole room just for them.
    Ivolga, the shelves are great too, as you can't expand to the sides, you can go vertical I guess. I may do something like that to keep some of them at home...I'll see
    Rossetti, I also have an storage room, but my dear husband not only has his comic books, but figures collection there, so I'm fighting for space here, just's nice to have a storage room.
    see ya all :-)