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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I'm back...from Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con 2012

In words alone, I can't say enough...  I had lots of fun!!!

Even tired as we all were, (the folks at Cody's Collector's Corner and I), but in the end, yes, it was all worth it...  of course there is always a bad side to it, as not everything is perfect...  (GO HERE FOR THE BAD SIDE).

So, I decided to give myself a break and post some pictures of the city and the big event this week... 

These pictures are from the set up day: 

A nice shot of the "celebrity's area" - notice the "red carpet" treatment... 

Boxes, boxes, and more boxes... 

The first day was quiet, as the show opened in the evening at 5pm, although there was still more that needed to be done to prepare for the next day, the first "real" day... 

So, during this half day, while the boys worked - as they had to set everything up, I went for a tour in Philly.  Here are some shots... 

And at the zoo:

So, that's it for now, tomorrow I'll begin to post the show... 

Hope everyone had a great weekend! 


  1. Thanks for this preview. I love your photos. I love Philly ;-D so it is great to see it treated right. Would you mind if I posted your link at my blog, PhillyCollector? I tried to get in as a volunteer, but I was not chosen. Sniff. Shrug.

    1. Hi Dana,
      Sorry that you were no chosen :-(
      And, yes, you can go ahead and link the blog, no problem. Glad that you liked the pictures :-)
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Hello from Spain: welcome back. PHILADELPHIA is a beautiful place. I see you did a good weather. The place about convention is beautiful. I read in your article the bad part of the of the convention. I see it's all very expensive and poorly organized. Sorry to read that. keep in touch

    1. Yes Marta,
      The weather was awesome!!!
      thanks for stopping by!