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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Vintage Wednesday - Barbie Bodies

Today the post is not so much about "Vintage Barbies", but a classification than I still get confused myself, so nothing better that try to get better on this or at least be on track as everyday a little different feature may be born on this pink world...

First of all I was lost, I said to myself where I going to start If don't have any dolls with me? No books about it? Internet...Internet...

I found a really nice website about Barbie's bodies, the author did a really good job on it - The pictures are from the site:

As I couldn't have done a better job, great info and pictures!!!

 Vintage Body

Twist n' Turn body 

The Shani Body

Fully Jointed Body

Basic Belly Button Body

Ever Flex Belly Button Body

Model Muse Body

 Pivotal / Jazz Baby Body

 Fashionistas Body

 There are more on the site, like body comparison, worth to take a look!



  1. Hello from Spain: thank you for showing the different bodies of Barbies. My favorite is the articulated body. Keep in touch.

  2. sorry to bother you , but i was just wondering what doll the pivotal barbie was, and what year?

    1. Hi Lauren,
      I may be wrong, but I'm almost 100% sure that this cutie is a 2007 jazz baby Barbie red hair. She’s a gold label.
      Hope I was able to answer your question :-)
      Thanks for stopping by!!