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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Some new Accessory Packs

More than doll, my fun times are the accessories, for me, they represent a certain freedom to "recreate"your doll. I really like Barbie's accessories and love to visit blogs that show the use for it ( As I don't have the $pace to have them here and do my own, I enjoy looking at someones)
Here some new ones.

Barbie Look On The Red Carpet Fashion - How cute the purse and the shoes!
Barbie Look Tea Party Fashion  - A dark color for a tea party? I think something lighter and springy would look way better for tea time, don't you think? Liked the model, the cute cups, cards and earrings, but I didn't like the dress color.
Barbie Look Pink On The Green Fashion - I really liked this one!

 And, for last, but not least, I don't have many shoes, but would love to have this cup to myself :-)

Barbie So Many Shoes So Little Time Acrylic Travel Cup

 What do you think?


  1. I would have them all... if I had the money LOL!!! They are so cute, my favourite would be the second one, if I had to choose one.

    1. Me too Rossetti! If I only had the $pace...
      Keep in touch!

  2. Love all of them. Red is my favorite color, so my girls definitely need this fashion. I also love the tea fashion as well. Tea parties are a favorite past time of big and little girls alike. I even want that drink cup. So many little time. lol

  3. Hi Chrissy, the cup is very girly, I would love to have one.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I agree with Rossetti,all are beautiful,but my favourite is the second one!!:)It's so pretty!!

    An interesting post as always!:D

  5. Hello from Spain: my favorite is the Barbie Fashion Tea Party. I love it. Until December not sell these dresses. This cup is very original. I want it... Keep in touch