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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Vintage Wednesday - Vintage Masquerade sets

picture from:

As is almost time for Halloween the "vintage Wednesday" for this week are the Barbie, Ken and Skipper masquerade costume sets.

They were introduced between 1963 and 1965.

Barbie's set includes hat, black pantyhose, a black mask, a party invitation and a black open toe heels with yellow pompoms. According to fashion doll guide, the shoes are very hard to find in mint condition - as almost everything else classified as vintage I guess.

picture from:

I found this picture on eBay of a reproduction item of the shoes - Aren't they cute?

Skipper's costume included a black and yellow short dress with a black panties, a hat with a yellow pompom, mask, flats with pompom's like Barbies and an invitation.

picture from eBay
picture from eBay

picture from eBay

And, Ken had a hat, mask, shoes and a clown like outfit and an invitation- I'm not too sure if this set had something else...

picture from eBay

It would be really nice have someone who has this items to share with us some pictures and they are so hard to find.

Have you ever heard about these sets?



  1. I had never seen them, and they look so cute! I love the Barbie set, and the shoes are my favourites!

  2. Hello from Spain: I had not seen these clothes for Halloween. It's a very original clothing. Keep in touch

  3. Hi Marta and Rossetti,
    I didn't know about these outfits either until my search for the "Vintage Wednesday" post, I always find a lot different things. It's like a commitment to myself to learn a little bit more about the vintage Barbies and also share with you guys :-)
    Thanks for stopping by girls!

  4. I like these! I saw something, somewhat similar on Ebay one time, in red and yellow, instead of black and yellow and I got it because I was reminded of this masquerade sets! Of course the one I got was only $5.00. Heehee! Now that I think about it, I should dress Francie in it for halloween.

    1. Hi TM,
      Good you got it, because seems like some pieces are very rare and expensive.
      You must dress Francie for Halloween. Take some pictures and share with us :-)
      Thanks for stopping by!