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Monday, March 26, 2012

Celebrity Monday - Kimora Lee Simmons

I don't know if i wasn't a girl i would know about Kimora Lee Simon, i Know who she's because I got an e-mail from to sign up to the website, where you can personalize you taste for shoes, jewelry and handbags, I think she own the site or she's one of the designers, that's about it what i know about her, oh! She owns the design brand Baby Phat and there's a reality shown about her on "Style" network. She used to be a model, Now she's a designer. She has a "exotic" beauty, I think her skin color and eyes format are gorgeous.

For example, this is for Spring time "ad"

Mattel released on 2007 a Gold Label Barbie Doll created by Who? Kimora Lee, Well she's the famed fashion and beauty icon, designer, celebrity, author, philanthropist and former runway model, i guess she does has a lot on her case to get that huh?

The Doll wears a pink halter with Kimora's KLS logo buckle belt, mini skirt and over-the-knee boots, a full-length faux chinchilla coat with KLS logo leopard-print lining,signature bag, earrings, and a re-creation of Kimora's own adorable dog, Zoe, by her side. She made sure the coat was real faux.

I really liked the doll, she's adorable!

Have a fabulous day!!!!


  1. She's also on my wish list. I really like her face. The clothes not so much...

  2. Kimora is beautiful, I love her eyelashes.

  3. Hello from Spain: several blog I saw the photo of that Barbie and I felt beautiful. Thanks for explaining that is inspired by the designer. In Spain, Kimora Lee is not known. The Barbie is on my list of favorites and future purchases. The coat is beautiful. ... keep in touch

  4. Hi Ada, Mark and Marta, sure the face, eyelashes and the coat really made the doll stand out thanks for stopping by :-)