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Monday, March 5, 2012

Celebrity Monday - Madonna - ooak dakotas song celebrity

We know at this time and point there's no such Madonna Barbie - As i had posted HERE - But what the heck, seems people wants to and Mattel may not think is a good deal? well I'm not here to talk about Mattel business's decisions... But I can say that if you watch the last Superbowl, 2012 edition - love the commercials BTW - the celebrity was Madonna, she had a great performance, i love it! and I'm not fun of hers.

Well, looks like someone, who loves her and Barbie had a Doll made and is going on EBay right now. Take a look below - For me, it deserved to go on this spot! - pictures are from the auction :



  1. Oh! She looks nice. Good job.

  2. She is a perfect Madonna. Good job on the headset too.

  3. Hello from Spain: you're right that the last performance of Madonna had a large audience and the audience remained in the Superbowl. This Barbie teach us is beautiful too. The clothes are super modern. Keep in touch.