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Friday, November 16, 2012

Makeup by Friday - Hope Diamond Barbie Doll

I don't thing I have done a great job on this, I have to say it's very hard to record it, I got to find a easier set up for this. Also when I take the picture and look at the whole thing after it's done, then I see that I could had blend more here and there, place more eyeshadow or make a better liner. I think it's a lot easier to practice on someone's face that on your on.

For this week i picked Hope Diamond Barbie Doll. It's good to find close up pictures of the dolls, I wish this was closer, but that's ok, I'm just practicing, it's not supposed to be perfet.

I should had done a better job - Shame on me!!!

Here are the results:

I used a medium and dark blue, but everything was mixed together and we can't see the very nice shades theye were, something I got to learn.

And, the white has a beautifull shinning that its not showing in the picture, sorry :-(


  1. Works for me! I can't wait to try this for the holiday, now just to find a party to go to!

  2. Absolutely wonderful!! You did such a great job! I think it's a perfect make up for the upcoming holidays!!

  3. I agree with Rossetti,it's indeed a perfect holiday make-up,well done once again,Liz!! :):):)

  4. Hello from Spain: you're a great makeup artist. This makeup is very useful for the Christmas holidays. Keep in touch

  5. Be the viewers of my good luck to visit me, please have a cute block
    I love you kiss