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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Toys R us exclusive - Barbie Malibu Dreamhouse

Last Sunday I got the newspaper with a Toys R us ad on it. Going over it I notice a couple of Barbies dolls and play sets than i haven't see before, because it's a Toys R us exclusive. One of it was this Malibu dreamhouse. Houses, furniture and accessories always gets my attention.

Even the rate on the Toys R us website is about 3.5 average, the house looks fun. Does looks a little small, compared to the other ones. It has a recycle bin, a moving elevator, a telescope and a room, where you can change the scene from day to night. It's nice to feed kids imagination.

 Doesn't it look fun?


  1. I would love to have one of those, but they're too big for my real house!!

    1. LOL, same with me Rossetti, I live in a very small house :-)

  2. Hello from Spain: in my country, this house is also for sale in stores. I saw it mounted and it is nice but the rooms are very small and there is much cardboard ... In my town costs about 100 euros. Keep in touch

    1. Hi Marta, I haven't see in "real life", but I thought so too that the rooms are very small, I think you can only fit one doll on each of them...
      thanks for stopping by.