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Friday, December 17, 2010

Philipp Plein and Barbie???

Well, if you said Ken and Barbie I would say perfect match!! But I guess I don't have a big knowledge about fashion as I asked myself when i saw these barbies pictures on "Barbie's facebook" profile:

i didn't have a clues who this name was...and of course I Google it (who doesn't????), so i got this website ( as the first result, so he must be really(very, very) famous huh? Maybe i was the only one who never heard about him. Well, looks like he's a designer...I must confess than i did like a lot of things i saw on the website, except than doesn't fit in my I keep my "payless" shoes and my "Macy's" outfits, glamorous in here, well, I leave it for Barbie.

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