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Friday, October 8, 2010


Hello everyone!!!Yes. I have not been so present here, between school and work I have some other projects, which i can never finish...or start, one of them is to try to make the blog bilingual ( I know we have a Google tool to translate it, but it's not the same...), well, first of all I went away in vacation and want to share some pictures with you of my trip and also some useful tips going to Mexico.Great place to visit - when you go to the right places and deal with the right company/service - I say this not only because i have a review about one the service i used, but also to save the next travelers time and aggravation, you are in vacation and shouldn't have to worry about anything, right?
Well, the trip was great. The Resort i stayed called "Sandos" was very much like a small city, where i could find a theater, a disco, restaurants - Chinese, Japanese, Brazilian (which i don't recommend, food was terrible!!!), seafood buffet, a gym, bar, pool, beach, spa... you had everything right there!!!even a jewel store! I book everything on book it. com, nothing to complain, it was the way they show on the website, here some pictures...

I also had the opportunity to visit to famous places around that area, which you have to pay extra for it: Xel-ha, called one of the biggest natural aquarium of the world.

And, Tulum, one of the Maya's ruins:

Well, I could no forget about Barbie, so, I found a beach bag than just made remind Barbie ( as my husband stated :-), look...

One more thing...I have booked two tours with a website called my Cancun tours ( I had the worst experience ever with them, they only pick me up for just one of the tour (I had to pay a cab to get on their "meeting point", but when i sing up on the website, we supposed to be pick up at the hotel) and we were dropped 30 minutes away from the hotel...great huh? but that is not even half of what happened. On the receipt printed of the internet stated, if any issues, please called our local number, well when you get there, any local call cost you $5.00 per call, I had to call them soooo many times...i won't even mentioned my check out bill from the hotel...I was trying to save some money planning myself ahead buying everything online and I ended up spending double, so:
Don't buy the tours online!!! Get them there at your hotel, they cost about the same. and you'll have peace of mind...
Other than that the trip was Great!!!!

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