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Friday, August 21, 2009

Great find!

Today almost everything in technology is so Small, but with a lot memory capacity. I'm from the 80's, so I can still remember when the VHS was the best and great way to keep your movies on the shelves, now there are so many great ways than you can go ahead on that shelf and put maybe a digital picture frame. Well, that's wonderful, isn't? as a said in the beginning, no physical space and a lot capacity.
But, the bad part about that is you can't find some titles in DVDs, including some Animes, that's way I still have at my house a VHS device, sound's old, I know, but that was the way I could Watch my find in one of the goodwill store I had browsed (yeah... I know we have you tube in this days...), but nothing could take the place of my happiness when I found this 1989 Barbie VHS and said: YES! I do own a VHS!!!! Well, I bought, watched and can add on my collection, my physically collection... :-)

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