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Thursday, August 27, 2009

That was something!!!!

Well, now I got put this video on my blog...Do you remember that "I'm a Barbie Girl " song? one day I was looking around YouTube and started watch that video and my husband came over and said "Oh! Gosh, please don't put this on your blog!!!". I didn't have plans to... but now after this:

Mattel has uploaded to YouTube a video clip of a dance called the Barbie, which is
danced to a rerecorded version of “Barbie Girl.” The video is also scheduled to
be shown on “Today” on NBC on Thursday morning.
Television commercials
featuring the new version of the song are scheduled to start running in
mid-October. The hoopla is all intended to promote a new variety of Barbie
called Barbie Fashionistas.
The new version of “Barbie Girl” is not the hit
version by Aqua, a Danish dance-pop band. The lyrics are more inspirational,
including lines like “You can be a star, no matter who you are.” (

I had no way I could not, Barbie is really on it!!! I got to say, I love it!!

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