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Friday, February 3, 2012

Mattel + McDonald's = Barbie Happy Meal

I try to avoid "fast food" as much as I can, but my husband loves McDonald's apple pie (can't deny, go good with a cup of coffee!), so i go there every so often with of those days I bought i kid's happy meal just because it was a "Barbie Happy Meal", i know...I'm a kid anymore...well the portion is small, good way to control the amount you eat :-)the Fry's box is cute, the cheeseburger was OK and also you can pick orange juice or milk, plus a small bag of apple, not bad, but also not god for a everyday eating, remember to eat your fruits and veggies, don't try to cut corners eating in fast food!! you can pay a high price later in life...

Some pictures from it - I didn't open the package, but there's a photo from all of them - I got the 3rd one - her hair is real, i really liked that . They also have the happy meal for the boys as you can see.

i couldn't figured this picture out... i rotate on the program and when saved it was like this...can't win...


  1. If these gifts arrive to Spain, I will eat at McDonalds every day!

  2. Hello from spain: in tue MacDonals of Spain do not give away those Barbies. I hope the arrive soon. I love junk food but i do not take to prevent weight gain. In any case, if the give the Barbie I will eat happy meal too. Thanks for keeping us informed. Keep in touch

    1. Hi Marta and Acerico, thanks for stopping by...

  3. Hi, i agree...i want to buy more too!! :-)