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Friday, February 10, 2012

Barbie Sisters Set

Barbie and Stacie dolls are ready for an afternoon out skating together complete with glam skating fashions, roller skates that really roll and helmets for safety, of course! Skipper and Chelsea dolls are ready for an adventure with Skipper cruising on her skateboard with headphones, while Chelsea looks cute riding along in her scooter. Barbie and Stacie dolls are ready to go fishing together with their fishing pole and picnic basket, and Skipper and Chelsea dolls are ready to relax and curl up by the campfire in their sleeping bags and pajamas. The Sisters Go Fishing! set includes Barbie and Stacie dolls, fishing pole and picnic basket. The Sisters Sleep Out! set includes Skipper and Chelsea dolls in pajamas, each with sleeping bag. This is one of those ones that I used to love to play with as they came with accessories, I would imagine they could go camping or do a over night sleep over...i miss to be a kid :-( it's so magical (the imagination)...

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