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Monday, February 6, 2012

Celebrity Monday - James Dean

Life have been crazy, and on the top of that I have no Internet at the moment, so today i got to come to one of my friend's house and i was able to do a quick post...

I didn't even know who was James Dean: anyways,He was a America film actor...

James Byron Dean (February 8, 1931 – September 30, 1955) was an American film actor.

Well, i know now why i didn't know who he was...he died before my mom was even born...

Nice picture of him and Marilyn Monroe

Well, Mattel goes all over the place...get someone before the birth of you can see he was born ans had died before Barbie was created.

James Dean — American Legend 


James Dean burst onto the silver screen in 1955 and, for the next three short but glorious years, he electrified movies. His intensity reached out and touched a generation. Riveting and magnetic, his performances were the heartbeat of a decade. From movie theaters across the country, he spoke to youth, touched their hearts, and challenged their indifference. Disturbing but poignant, defiant but achingly beautiful, this distinctive rebel continues to hold our imagination and our dreams. Only James Dean remains such an unforgettable and unique icon, an incredible part of culture, a legend in film and in life.
Mattel's first James Dean collector doll recaptures the charisma and mystique of this extraordinary star. The remarkably true-to-life portrait is precisely sculpted. Still the epitome of cool, Dean is re-created in realistic detail, dressed in his signature red windbreaker, white T-shirt, and blue denim pants -

Well, it was nice to do a search on him, i didn't know who he was, buy the doll? maybe, not a big chance...

Have a nice day all!!!


  1. Hi from spain: James Dean was a great actor and very handsome. The red jacket puts I like very much. It seems to be a doll expensive. I will have to see it in store. Keep in touch

    1. I agree he was handsome, great match for beautiful Marilyn...