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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Vintage Wednesday - Barbie's Color 'n Curl Hair Salon

During my usual searches and discoveries I happened onto quite an interesting find... 

What a WONDERFUL, (and very rare) Barbie Accessory!  Since I stumbled onto this, I have been scouring the Internet and looking through some of my Barbie books just to get some sense as to how rare this item actually is and have only found two auctions, (currently on eBay), that have any real pictures of the elusive "Barbie's color 'n curl" accessory set - one going for a "firm" $100.00 and the other one an actual auction, already bidding up at $9.99 with a couple days left!  I'm not very surprised considered that this dates back to a cool vintage date of 1965, so not only a gem among rocks, but also an actual battery operated blow dryer with "color magic fashion wigs"! 

Seems kinda fun, huh? 

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  1. Hi, thanks for letting us link the catalog for future updates to Barbie. I I have in my list the Barbie Basics swimsuit model collection 3.0 004. I love her. I also like the supplements they sell. I did not know this game and hair wigs. It is very original. Keep in touch.