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Thursday, April 2, 2009

New Barbie Items for April 2009!!!

Graduation Barbie Doll

It's graduation day and the future is bright, just like this dazzling new graduate! All dressed and ready for the momentous event, Barbie and Nikki wants to help you celebrate this grand accomplishment in style. Barbie stands about 11 1/2-inches tall.

Barbie Totally Stylin Tattoos Nikki Doll
Over 40 easy, no mess tattoos to design and decorate Barbie doll's fashions! Choose from Barbie or Nikki dolls, both include additional fashions, tattoo stamper and tattoos.

Barbie and the Diamond Castle Princess Alexa Doll (AA)

Barbie and Teresa star as two best friends Princess Liana and Princess Alexa on their journey to discover music, magic and the power of friendship. Princess Alexa who sings two songs from the movie and wears a mesmerizing glittery gown that magically transforms with the pull of a ribbon! Her necklace lights up when she sings.

Barbie Valentine Glam Nikki Doll

Celebrate Valentine's Day with Nikki! This lovely doll comes dressed in a red satin dress with a hint of pink, a touch of sparkle and a golden heart charm pendant!

Barbie Twinkle Toes Doll

Twinkle Toes Barbie wears a golden tiara and glittering tutu - and when you press the button on her side, her legs and arms move to perform the perfect poses of a prima ballerina!

Barbie Totally Nails Doll Assortment Case

Now girls, Barbie and Teresa dolls can have matching manicures! Girls can decorate their own nails with the included nail polish or press-on nails and they can also magically color change Barbie doll's nails too!

Barbie Totally Stylin Tattoos Doll

With Fashion Artist Barbie doll, you can custom decorate fashions and apply fun temporary tattoos on yourself!

Barbie Luv Me 3 Tricky Triplets Playset
Its the day of the Pet Show, with Barbie and pups performing all their new tricks! Theres a competition jumping ring, tall tunnel slide, a three-tiered winners stage with trophies, ribbons and treats for when they win, place and show. Best of all, all three pups can "jump" in Barbie dolls arms for love and hugs for a job well done!

Barbie Thumbelina Chrysella Doll

One of the best friends of Thumbelina, Chrysella doll comes with 3 sets of wings to mix and match with her other best friends. Based on the Barbie Thumbelina movie!

Barbie Blooming Thumbelina Doll

Based on the Barbie Thumbelina movie, this stunning Thumbelina doll features a beautiful flower; with the press of a button, the flower opens up to reveal Thumbelina fluttering her flower wings!
Barbie Blooming Thumbelina Doll (African American)

Based on the Barbie Thumbelina movie, this stunning Thumbelina doll features a beautiful flower; with the press of a button, the flower opens up to reveal Thumbelina fluttering her flower wings! African American variant. Barbie Thumbelina Co-Stars Dolls Assortment Case
Based on the Barbie Thumbelina movie, costars and friends Shareena, Amarylla and Lola dolls come with 3 sets of wings which can be mixed and matched with each other

Barbie Thumbelina Mini Character Assortment Case

Mini Character Giftsets include characters from the Barbie Thumbelina movie in a miniature scale for on-the-go play. Three sets include Thumbelina and her best friends, Makena in her room, and Thumbelina with the Twillerbabies. This case of 6 pieces includes Thumbelina Mini Character Co-Stars, Thumbelina Mini Character Girl Dolls and Thumbelina Mini Character Twillerbabies.

Barbie Thumbelina Twillerbabies Doll Assortment Case
These adorable Twillerbabies come from the Barbie Thumbelina movie and live within flowers that girls can also wear as a bracelet. This case of 9 pieces includes Daisy Twillerbabies, Tulip Twillerbabies, Hydrangea Twillerbabies, Rose Twillerbabies, Dahlia Twillerbabies and Sunflower Twillerbabies

Barbie My House Premium Furniture Assortment Case

Premium Pink House furnishings kids will love to collect! Barbie can get ready to go out with her beautiful vanity, lamp and grooming accessories, get connected with her entertainment center and accessories, or entertain in her dining room with 4 silhouette-designed chairs plus flowers, cake and more! This case of 4 individually packaged furniture components includes Dream Vanity, Dream Game Room and Dream Dining Set .

Barbie My House Basic Furniture Assortment Case
Luxury details with a decorator's touch - kids can select from a fully-stocked refrigerator set that includes a puppy pal and pet accessories, a tufted sofa set with a beaded room screen, slippers and laptop "computer", or a luxurious bath set that comes with a working toilet, froggy accessories and flat-screen television! This case of 4 individually packaged furniture components includes Dream Refrigerator, Dream Sofa and Dream Bathtub.
Barbie Rapunzel Cut and Style Salon

Set up a hair salon where girls can style their favorite dolls' hair in the salon chair, with hair dryer, sink and shelves full of favorite tiaras and dress-up accessories! All the pieces fit under the sink for easy on-the-go play.

Barbie Trend Wardrobe Outfit Assortment Set

Each fashion pack in this stylin' case includes four outfits to mix and match plus handbags and shoes! This set of 3 fashion packs includes Pink, Black, and White Miami Sunset Date and Soda Pop Fashions.

Barbie Totally Nails Stylin Hands

Now girls can give themselves the perfect manicure every time! Choose from color change nails and use the magic styling pen to quickly color change or create designs on the nails. Decorate your nails with stickers and gems and then apply them to your own hands for the perfect manicure each and every time!

Barbie Deco Peel and Stick Single Sheet

Decorate your room with your favorite well-rounded doll, Barbie! This single sheet of peel and stick appliques is a great way to start your room-decorating project!

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